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Europol warns of increasing crime using Deepfake

The use of technology Deepfake, which allows one person’s face to be substituted for another in a video, is on the rise among criminals and needs to be targeted. This is a warning information issued by the European Union police agency (Europol).

Europol has released a 23-page report looking at how artificial intelligence and Deepfake technology can be used in criminal circles.

There is a growing amount of misinformation, which has a profound impact on how people perceive the media, says Europol. The organization is concerned that Deepfake could make people feel uncomfortable sharing actual videos or could create a lack of trust in information sources.

This is a scenario that Europol calls the “information apocalypse” or “reality frigidity”. This organization believes that policy makers and law enforcement agencies need to strengthen supervision to eliminate the situation of criminals using Deepfake.

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