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Experience the class to prepare for entering TH School

In grade 1, parents of students (PHHS) are concerned about the mental preparation and adaptability of 5-6-year-olds after a long period of interruption due to COVID-19… Increasing by grade 6, 10th grade is integration, English learning orientation, international program, degree value as well as the opportunity to enter higher education.

Many parents who have a need for their children to study 100% international programs also have to look for experience activities and school counseling for elementary students. Part of the reason is because international schools have completely different teaching methods from Vietnamese schools, switching to a program entirely in English will be a big change for children.

Experiencing the class to prepare for entering TH School - 1

Choosing an international program for their children when they transfer is a concern of many parents.

In fact, events Admissions leading to an increase in operating costs, especially for native teachers, making many schools unable to do this. Therefore, parents and students will face many limitations in accessing specific sources of information about international education models, or allowing their children to participate in classes and experiential activities to have a clear view. more about this model.

Understanding the needs of PHHS, the TH School Inter-School System has boldly brought a series of “Experience Lessons” for students preparing for school. According to this campaign, the school organized a series of nearly 10 experiential classroom events for students preparing to enter Grade 1, Grade 6 and Grade 10 simultaneously across the TH School system in Ho Chi Minh City. Hanoi and TP. Vinh in May 2022.

TH School “reveals” 100% of the trial lessons are in charge of native teachers. The children will study subjects under the international curriculum framework (UK) and perform them in the most modern classrooms and function rooms of the school. Especially, at TH School TP. Vinh, students will attend a “green” class at the TH Group’s system “Cluster of dairy farms focusing on applying high technology with the world’s largest closed production process”.

Experiencing the class to prepare for entering TH School - 2

Trial classes for students preparing to enter Grade 1, Grade 6 and Grade 10 are taught by native teachers.

Mr. Stephen West, President of the TH School Inter-School System excitedly shared that the experiential class at TH School is likened to a “festival” because of the activities that are organized creatively, full of energy, making the students feel more energetic. Students are excited with the spirit of learning to play, playing to learn.

Most importantly, parents and students will feel the philosophy of “making education with the heart and heart of a mother” of Labor Hero Thai Huong, Founder of TH Group and the TH School system. All concerns and worries of parents and children after long days affected by the COVID-19 epidemic will be sympathized and shared by TH School.

The mock-study topics will be spread across many fields such as Applied Science, STEM, Mathematics, Languages, Physical Education, Fine Arts, Humanities… within the scope of the International Program from Grade 1. -12 of the school.

Experiencing the class to prepare for entering TH School - 3

Students experience many subjects including Math, STEM, Art…

Registration information:

In operation since 2016 and led by TH Group – the pride of Vietnamese brand, TH School Inter-School System resonates with 2 world-class facilities at Chua Boc, Hoa Lac ( Hanoi) and the City campus. Vinh (Nghe An) is ready to operate from the school year 2022-2023.

TH School brings a unique 80 – 20 model, licensed by the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training, combining international education programs and Vietnamese quintessence for Vietnamese students and foreigners to prepare their luggage. physical, knowledge and skills for them to conquer prestigious universities at home and abroad. TH School accepts students between the ages of 2 and 18 and has a boarding facility for students from remote provinces.

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