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Facebook has an error pushing old posts for unknown reasons

Many Facebook posts from a few years ago suddenly show up at the top of the timeline even without any new interactions.

On the morning of April 29, many Facebook users in Vietnam suddenly saw many posts with “age” from 1 to 5 years ago suddenly reappeared when entering associations and groups on this platform.

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Facebook groups have had their post times reversed many years ago


Mr. Tran Hiep, the administrator of a Facebook group called “Exquisite Group” said that currently “all old posts” are displayed, including many posts that have been created since 2017, there are even announcements in Facebook. the time a board member created this group on April 26, 2017.

On some other groups, posts from 2018 to 2020 appear quite a lot. When using the content search feature, the returned results also prioritize articles created a few years ago. There is no particular common ground between content, posting time and how it appears on a rather messy timeline. Meanwhile, newly created posts decrease in appearance.

Not only in Vietnam, the community uses social network Facebook around the world also reported the same situation. On the DownDetector error page, the number of Facebook error reports began to increase sharply from about 2 am (Vietnam) and lasted until about 11 pm before reversing to decrease. This means that Meta – the parent company of Facebook has solved the problem. However, up to now, the company has not officially announced the cause of the problem as well as the status of the fix.

According to Facebook’s algorithm, old posts reappear on users’ message boards only when there is a new interaction such as someone clicking the emotional interaction button (Like, Care, Love, Sad…) or adding a comment. . But on the morning of April 29th, the content was pushed to the top automatically and without any new interactions.

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Reported bugs globally

Screen capture

More than a month ago, the Facebook message board also had a display problem caused by an error in the ranking algorithm news. This causes a lot of misinformation to show up for months. Meta spokesman Joe Osborne at the time confirmed the fact that the technical issue first appeared in 2019 but did not have a significant impact until October 2021 and not until mid-March 2022.

Feed (Facebook message board, formerly News Feed) is an area controlled by content WHO with a ranking change algorithm for some sensitive content. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg once asserted that lowering the ranking will counter the user’s desire to interact with sensational and provocative content. However, the former employee Frances Haugen When testifying before the US Senate in October 2021, he repeatedly emphasized that Facebook designed the algorithm to show users the content they are most likely to interact with.

“This causes a lot problem with Facebook such as promoting division, misinformation or other malicious content,” Haugen said.

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