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Going out on a different day to enjoy the holiday April 30

Still considered a holiday outing on April 30, many people have avoided the crowds by leaving a few days before or a few days later than the holiday.

The day before the 30/4 holiday, Ms. Ngoc Pham, 32 years old, returned home from a trip to Cat Ba, Hai Phong. She accepted an invitation from a friend to go out 3 days early to “dodge” the holiday. Quiet space, attentive service is what you get during the trip Cat BaHai Phong from April 26 to 28.

“Going right before the ceremony, the Lan Ha Bay pier was very empty, there were almost no customers, I didn’t have to wait in long queues like when I went out at the peak three years ago. For the past two years, I have not been able to go anywhere to play properly due to the epidemic. sick, has never taken a leave. This is a very reasonable opportunity to take advantage of, “Ms. Ngoc said. In exchange for this experience, she had to take 3 days off.

Because she had to be on duty during the holidays, it was not difficult for her to take leave. And Ngoc is completely satisfied with her decision. “When people started going out, I started handling work and planning to gather family members at home,” added Ms. Ngoc.

Ngoc Pham was happy during the trip right next to April 30.  Photo: NVCC

Ngoc Pham was happy during the trip right next to April 30. Image: NVCC

The extended family of Ms. Minh Anh, Hanoi, for many years has always chosen to go out on the 30/4 holiday because this is usually the time when everyone has the most time off. However, she always took the initiative to go late and then come back later. This will take her and her husband a vacation, usually 2 days, but that’s how the whole family avoids the crowds and enjoys better service. They will go out to public places at the beginning or the end of the vacation, and spend the rest of the time living at home with their families.

“A 4-5 day vacation will be difficult for both me and my wife, but 2 days is completely doable. Therefore, my husband and I chose the solution of going out in such a ‘gentle dodge’ fashion. Our experience is that if we go one day ahead, we can’t avoid crowds, even more crowded, but two days in advance are completely different. This saves us both the cost of booking services and convenient transportation. Families with young children and the elderly often choose resorts, limit movement, and eat not too fussy,” shared Minh Anh and said that this year, on May 1, her whole family will fly in. Danang.

Representatives of some travel companies said that the reason why tourist attractions are always crowded on Tet holidays is because of an inevitable reason, everyone is off. In addition, many people, if they don’t go out on Tet holidays, they will never be able to go again because they cannot take leave.

Holiday travel good at home has long been the subject of controversy. While many people are afraid to encounter traffic jams, chopping blocks, poor service, etc., many people still think that this is the right time to enjoy the trip, if you plan, choose a reasonable time and place. .

It is also a way of “time difference, date difference”, but there are people who go out 1-2 weeks early or late, because it is “traditional”. They said that the times before the April 30 holiday, usually a week, will be the time when famous tourist centers across the country also open summer tourism weeks, many services are opened, which was mostly locals at that time.

Doan Sang, Hanoi, always goes on vacation April 30 a week in advance. “This is a regular job for me and my friends, it’s the same every year. Instead of going on the right holiday, the group always makes an appointment a week earlier to also have a reputation for going out on April 30.” , Sang said. This year, he feels lucky to “follow” the group’s tradition by receiving bad weather information on the holidays of April 30 and May 1 across the country, especially in the central island areas.

Sang’s group was on their way to the island wealth, Binh Thuan a week before April 30 and just got home. Sunny weather and beautiful sea made the whole group have a complete experience. “An unexpected but wonderful trip due to the beautiful weather. I love the people of the South Central Coast and just want to stay there forever. Everything is peaceful, the destinations are empty, easy to visit and experience.” Sang said.

The weather on Phu Quy island was beautiful during Doan Sang's trip.  Photo: NVCC

The weather on Phu Quy island was beautiful during Doan Sang’s trip. Image: NVCC

It is expected that on the holiday of April 30 this year, tourist attractions throughout the country will receive a high number of visitors, reaching close to the level before Covid-19. Currently, the booking rate in many places has been reach more than 90%Many localities have to plan to ensure safe holiday activities, no “cutting and slashing” incident as well as traffic jams…


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