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Hungary agrees to pay for gas in rubles

85% of Hungary’s gas and 65% of its oil are imported from Russia. Due to its infrastructural condition, Hungary has no alternatives to secure energy sources or routes that would allow it to stop importing energy from Russia in the coming years.

Some gas distributors in Germany, Austria and Slovakia are also preparing to open ruble accounts with Gazprombank to pay for gas contracts with Russia.

Earlier, Russia’s Gazprom gas company completely stopped supplying gas to Poland and Bulgaria because these two countries refused to pay in rubles at Russia’s request.

Poland buys Russian gas through Germany

Gazprom said yesterday that Poland continues to buy gas from Russia, despite announcing an end to imports.

According to a spokesman for Russian energy corporation Gazprom, after Russia stops supplying gas because Poland refuses to pay in rubles, Russian gas will go to Poland from Germany via the Yamal-Europe pipeline.

The volume of gas transferred back to Poland is about 30 million m3 per day, almost corresponding to the amount of gas in the previous contract between Poland and Gazprom.

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