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If only it were all a nightmare

Husband, why don’t you keep your promise, go and never come back to me.

This room used to be my favorite place, where we always felt happy and joyful. Now I’m the only one sitting here, facing the four walls, empty. Brother, I have already washed your clothes, you have always liked hand-washed clothes but never let me touch the water. He said his wife’s hand is only for hugging her husband. I just learned today that washing by hand can make a person cry out loud, it’s really painful. Everything my husband never let me do, I did everything today, the room is still as neat and clean as the day my husband left.

>> I’m always upset because my husband and I live far away from each other

Husband, we have promised to go together until the end of our lives, I promise to always be with you, love and take care of you. We used to dream of a farm life when we were old, you promised to plant a lot of roses for me, and I would make a pot of hot tea so we could see the flowers together. The two of us have a lot of unfinished business together, a lot of unfinished dreams… No more husband, wife has to face everything alone. His wife was afraid of the pitying eyes that everyone was looking at her, but she couldn’t cry because she didn’t want anyone to know how much pain she was in. In the dream, the wife called “My husband” but no one answered. If only the wife could still hear her husband’s reply: “Yes, this is my husband”. If only it were all a nightmare.


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