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Learn how to ‘wean’ the children of journalist Bong Mai

bong mai
Bong Mai and a 99-day journey through Vietnam

In “Mai’s 99-day journey through Vietnam”, singer and journalist Bong Mai admits that it is not easy to “wean” children, put away worries and go on the road. But she is also proud to say that she is on a journey where her children are “companions” so that her mother can rest assured to “live a brilliant life”.

Bong Mai shared, to make this 99-day trip, she had to plan and arrange life and activities for herself and her family in an active and stable manner a whole year before. Bong Mai is attached to her two children and rarely leaves them. All activities have formed habits, so to “wean” children is a long process.

“We have learned to share our desires in life. We learned to be friends, so when I shared my wish to have a long trip across Vietnam, my children were very supportive. How do you and your parents arrange each other’s lives so that the rest of you can feel secure?” Bong Mai shared.

But she also admitted that she was quite lucky when “heavenly, favorable, human-friendly” to set off. Because you are old enough to live independently with the skills you are equipped with. Bong Mai’s eldest daughter is 21 years old this year, so she is quite independent and self-reliant when busy with school and part-time work. Her son, at the age of 15, has entered the military environment, so he also lives independently and disciplined.

“I think I’ve done a pretty good job of preparing for a process called ‘weaning’ – the process for parents entering middle age, having children into adulthood,” the female journalist proudly said. said.

bong mai23
Son of journalist Bong Mai
bong mai4
Journalist Bong Mai with her two children

When asked during 99 days of leaving home and children to be alone, was there a time when she was worried, regretful, or had thoughts of wanting to “give up” to return to her children? Bong Mai said that she is on a journey where her children are also “companions”.

Her daughter “accompanied” her mother by supporting her to build a team to handle post-production work, designing slides for the documents she had so that when the journey was over, she No more messing around with what I’ve recorded.

“I also want my daughter’s help as a way for me to teach her how to arrange work and life in a harmonious way. The seemingly very small things such as arranging luggage, preparing things to go on the road also require careful calculation for the whole journey. This requires knowledgeable people but must be extremely orderly and careful.

That’s how I show my daughter what women can be as independent as they want with the least amount of flaws. Moreover, the national cultural values ​​that I have gained during the trip are lessons about the culture of my country from which the younger generation is gradually being separated.

My daughter and her friends built a very young team for them to look at traditional culture from their point of view, to speak out for young people about culture. I think what I do is not only for me personally, but also for my children to receive the value of the journey through what I save. That’s how we “go” together, so that there is no loneliness for both those who go and those who stay at home. So I think we have been successful in the way we go together.”

bong mai3

Bong Mai also revealed that the mother and daughter created a chat group to regularly exchange information with each other, the rules about who do everything need to be updated so that everyone knows. Her son has “trained” the habit of actively calling to check on his mother every day, not waiting for her to call. It was a very positive change for the boy. Besides, the two sisters at home will have links to take care of each other even though they are boarding school so that their mother can rest assured that they are “brilliant”.

Through the female journalist’s share, many people wonder if women should “wean” children to give themselves space and live for themselves? Is that a medicine for children to become more mature and give themselves a more meaningful life? Talking about this, Bong Mai said, when she told her friends about “detoxing” her children, many people thought that she was drawing up a name to call herself, a way to justify her solo trip around the world. this country.

“But really, I think that’s the way of life, a way of thinking that is worth it so that we don’t make ourselves a burden for our children later. Nearly 20 years of raising children alone, I have absorbed a lot of so-called “addicted children”. Do you think if one day a single mother suddenly becomes lonely because her children grow up, have their own lives and leave her, can that mother find joy? I think it will be difficult and long to accept”, Bong Mai asked a question that made many people ponder.

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The female journalist also said that in the next 5 years she plans to travel around the world to celebrate her 50th birthday, so now she has also started to prepare what can help her do this.

“The next five years are the five years I take care of my children to stabilize their work and study. At that time, my daughter was already working, my son was in college, surely a trip around the world was not impossible. I want to be a person who brings joy and positivity to myself but also to the people around me.

“Detox” your child to live your life does not mean that you are selfish, but that you are accepting that your children are growing up and you are getting old. Accept the very obvious truths of creation without negative influences. For me, I have never considered myself to be the one to teach my children to grow up. I always tell my children: “I am learning how to be a mother from your children’s changes, whether good or not. So please help me do this well!”, Bong Mai shared.

She also expressed her opinion: “I prefer to accompany my children rather than teach them. Not to mention now that my children teach me a lot of things, because we are falling behind with the digital age. learn from each other to improve themselves”.


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