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Ministry of Health: The risk of outbreaks of diseases in schools is very large

The risk of disease outbreaks in schools is great. (Illustration image – Photo: Labor)

According to the Ministry of Health, currently preschool children, pupils and students have returned to school after the break due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the risk of outbreaks and the spread of various types of diseases. Disease The difference in schools is huge, if no drastic measures are taken to prevent and control the epidemic before the epidemic season.

In order to proactively prevent and control epidemics in the summer of 2022, not to let the epidemic overlap, the Ministry of Health requires the drastic and synchronous implementation of solutions to effectively prevent and prevent disease outbreaks such as: : hand foot mouth, measles, flu, diarrhea caused by rotavirus, dengue fever, encephalitis, … and other summer epidemics in the area.

The Ministry also requested to organize propaganda campaigns on personal hygiene and hygiene in living places; implementation of food safety and hygiene – food hygiene: eating cooked and drinking; implement 3 clean: eat clean, stay clean and play clean toys; mobilize people to take their children to be vaccinated on schedule and with enough shots; propagandize measures to prevent and control summer epidemics, in households and communities, in many forms.

The Ministry of Health proposed the local health sector to closely coordinate with the Education and Training sector to organize extensive propaganda at schools, especially at kindergartens and kindergartens on preventive measures, to fight epidemics in schools, ensure that educational institutions have sufficient means of hand washing, soap and are conveniently located to create favorable conditions for caregivers and children to wash their hands frequently with soap. , clean tables and chairs, and clean surfaces and toys daily with soap or common detergents.

The Ministry requires the implementation of classroom hygiene, environmental sanitation, providing enough drinking water, clean water, ensuring food safety at collective kitchens. Mobilize and guide students in activities to eliminate swarms and larvae from water containers in the house and surrounding areas.

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