NX succeeds thanks to unmatched values ​​on Lexus

Lexus was a pioneer in the mid-size luxury SUV segment when it launched the RX in 1998, but patiently waited for its time in the small luxury SUV segment. The NX was first introduced by the company in 2014 and quickly became the mainstay of the brand’s sales. In a product series that focuses on the philosophy of luxury, spaciousness and comfort, the NX succeeds thanks to new values ​​never before seen on Lexus.

Nobuyuki Tomatsu, Project Manager in charge of exterior design, affirmed in an interview about the Lexus NX: “We really wanted to create a model that turns new customers into passionate Lexus lovers. heat”.

The vision of Mr. Nobuyuki Tomatsu and the development team has come true. The new values ​​help NX achieve sales of nearly 400,000 vehicles in the US in the period 2014-2021, accounting for 18.3% of Lexus sales. And more notably, customers who buy Lexus NX have the lowest average age in the small luxury SUV segment, of which, 24% belong to Gen Y and Gen Z, almost double the average rate of 14%. . In other words, the NX is like a gateway to attract a new generation of customers to the Lexus world.

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New values ​​are not enough to make the Lexus NX successful if made up of superficialities. Before reaching consumers around the world, NX went through 5 years of thorough development by a team of more than 2,000 engineers, passing 1 million kilometers of testing, including the most extreme places on the planet’s surface. , from the road 3,000m above sea level, to a hot place of 50 degrees Celsius or a place as cold as -30 degrees Celsius. Continuous testing in such conditions has forged a luxury SUV model. outstandingly small.

On April 5, Lexus Vietnam introduced NX 2022 with 2 versions of F SPORT and Hybrid in Vietnam market. Breakthrough upgrades focus on 3 elements: “New design language – Lexus-inspired driving experience – Advanced technology” makes NX 2022 a representative of the new generation of products of the Japanese luxury car company. Copy.

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The new design language on the Lexus NX 2022 pursues simplicity and originality with the cabin boldly trimmed to create a diamond shape and four wheels positioned at four corners. The overall look of the car is like a light boxer, removing all the excess fat on the body to create agility, hiding internal strength inside.

At first, NX even caused the production department to shake their heads because it was not possible, but because of the love of the design and the efforts of the parts, a product to be proud of was born. The 2022 version continues to inherit the strengths, and at the same time, makes the Lexus NX more perfect with sharp headlights integrated with stylized L-shaped daytime positioning lights. The 3D grille attracts all eyes. Behind, the LED strip connects the two taillights and the words “LEXUS” are attractive enough for the Japanese automaker to put on the “elder” product LX600.

Lexus NX 350 F SPORT

Lexus NX 350h

The driver-focused interior structure is inspired by high-performance machines. Everything is arranged for the driver to easily control even though the eyes are focused forward. Mr. Tetsuo Miki, Project Manager in charge of interior design, said that during the concept stage, the team focused on sporty elements, but had to be natural and beautiful. Lexus took a lot of time to design and modify to have an attractive cabin with a group of young successful customers.

The materials used are mainly aluminum and high-grade leather, but not merely bring a sense of luxury, but create a hard-soft contrast depending on the area that people touch. Solid, solid aluminum feels strong, sporty, while soft leather feels comfortable, luxurious. The center armrest and on the door dash use smooth leather to give the driver a firm foothold. The demographic understanding is also cleverly demonstrated by Lexus through the backrest thickness, seat cushions and patterns, meeting the comfort characteristic of SUVs.

“Everyone who sees the NX can feel the new worldview of Lexus,” said Tetsuo Miki, Project Manager in charge of interior design.

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“The first time I drove a competitor’s SUV, I was working on a Lexus sports sedan project. To be honest, that car had a lot of limitations in terms of performance. At the start. On the Lexus NX project, I told the engineers to forget about the production department meeting the project or not and focus on creating the best SUV in the world,” said Kei-ichi Nishiyama. , Project Manager, Lexus International recounted.

The Lexus NX development team especially focused on the ability to handle vibrations of the body, because this is an extremely important factor. A lot of tweaking is done and one of them is the shock absorber that can handle the slightest movements. No matter where you drive, on highways, hills, cities or gravel, the Lexus NX responds faithfully, creating a strong bond between man and machine. While SUVs often have poor driving performance, weight and high center of gravity, the Lexus NX is quite the opposite.

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The Lexus team has always been obsessed with perfection. Performance excellence is not enough to satisfy customers. Therefore, the company has brought to the NX 2022 equipment previously only available in sports cars, including turbocharger pressure gauges and G force gauges. Mr. Takeaki Kato, Lexus Global Chief Engineer, said: Know, every small detail brings a high sense of satisfaction to customers.

In the Lexus NX 2022 product range in Vietnam, the NX 350 F SPORT version possesses the most Lexus-imprinted driving experience. The car uses a 2.4L turbocharged engine, with a capacity of 275 horsepower and 430 Nm of torque, combined with an 8-speed Direct-Shift automatic transmission for quick and smooth gear changes, and a four-wheel drive system. AWD full-time gear. The active noise reduction system and the engine sound reinforcement system, help reduce noise transmitted into the cabin, while creating a strong and exciting engine sound.

Suspension of the new NX uses MacPherson struts at the front and a double wishbone at the rear. The newly developed shock absorber maintains the damping force at low speeds thanks to the optimized design of the high-friction components. The NX350 F SPORT model is equipped with an adaptive variable suspension system AVS, stabilizers at the front and rear to further improve performance.

Bodykit F SPORT is the legacy of the aerodynamic development of the LFA supercar.

The front grille of the NX 350 F SPORT has a honeycomb motif. The two side fog lamps on the standard version are enlarged with air intake, the rear bumper is lowered and the spoiler is added to improve aerodynamics. Black is preferred on the rearview mirror, hood, window surrounds and 20-inch multi-spoke wheels emphasizing sportiness and increasing traction.

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Belonging to the luxury SUV segment, the Lexus NX 2022 has no shortage of innovative technologies. NX350h version uses AWD E-Four all-wheel drive system, 2.5L hybrid engine provides smooth acceleration, accurately responds to the driver’s acceleration activities while saving fuel.

Both versions are equipped as standard with the advanced safety technology package Lexus Safety System+3, including: a pre-collision safety system with additional features to recognize both pedestrians and cyclists, intelligent automatic throttle, lane departure warning, lane tracking assist and adaptive headlights. In addition, the new NX has added a parking safety brake function, continuing to inherit modern safety features of previous versions such as blind spot warning, reverse collision warning and pressure warning. tire.

All of the above technologies are part of Lexus’ efforts to realize the aspiration of zero deaths and injuries in traffic accidents. Not only that, psychologically, the dense list of safety technologies helps the car go faster. It is difficult for the driver to enjoy the sports experience on the Lexus NX 2022 without a sense of peace of mind.

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In the cabin, technology is present through a 14-inch entertainment screen using the latest Lexus Interface operating system. Behind the steering wheel is a 7-inch screen and a 10-inch HUD screen. Lexus’ premium 10-speaker sound system provides a top-class listening space for users on the F SPORT version and 17 Mark Levinson brand-name speakers on the Hybrid version.

In Vietnam, Mercedes-Benz GLC is dominating the majority of sales in the small luxury SUV segment, and the arrival of the Lexus NX 2022 with new values ​​promises to erase boredom, bring a new breath and distinctive style in terms of groundbreaking design, cutting-edge technology and a sporty driving experience. The car has 2 versions: NX350 F SPORT and NX350h, priced at VND 3.01 billion and VND 3.3 billion, respectively.

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