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On April 30, the husband declared “internal progress”, but the wife’s answer

Stepping into married life, women are always determined to sacrifice themselves to take care of a new home. The only thing women expect from their husbands is to know how to care for their grandmother like themselves.

Hue (32 years old) said her husband lived a patriarchal, selfish life. Also because he thinks he makes more money than his wife, in married life, he always gives himself the right to direct and order his wife. Especially what makes Hue saddest is that her husband lives very unfairly with his grandmother’s family. He thinks that when a woman gets married, she has to take care of her husband’s family, and it’s his duty to return home parents-in-law Just a guest should be very indifferent.

At first, the two newlyweds were really tired of her husband’s indifferent and rigid behavior. Every time Grandpa’s family has a job, he urges his wife to get back to work as soon as possible, otherwise, he also has to call to ask about the role of the daughter-in-law in the house. On the contrary, when my wife’s parents were sick, I told them to come visit, and he said: ‘My grandparents are sick, my brother and sister-in-law are taking care of me. My job is to take care of my husband’s parents’…’‘, Hue shared.

On the 30th of April holiday, the husband declared that he was


Hue said, also because of this problem that her husband and wife often quarrel, but her husband never admits to being wrong. Just like that, Hue increasingly could not find a common voice with her husband, and at the same time, the warm feelings in her heart also accumulated more and more.

She continued: “Married for nearly 5 years, every holiday of the year, my husband is busy booking a car to bring his wife and children home. He said that it is the paternal house that is the root, that the grandmother can come back, it doesn’t matter if she can’t come back. The husband and wife were loud and he still didn’t change, I was so frustrated that I had to ignore it so that the family atmosphere was less stressful.

Recently, my mother fell and broke her arm. On this holiday, April 30, I have 4 days off, I discussed with my husband to take advantage of returning to my grandmother to visit my mother, calling to ask for permission to visit my grandfather on another occasion. However, my husband blushed and shouted at his wife: ‘There is no grandmother, if you have a day off, you can go straight ahead. Her mother’s arm is already in a cast, if she wants to, just withdraw the deposit, I don’t forbid it. I didn’t go there, I rented the car, it’s time to go home.‘.

Hearing her husband’s unruly words made Hue unable to hold back any more. She thought that if she was still patient, her husband was still selfish and did not know how to think about his wife’s family, so she decided to be frank and decisive with her husband.

I was born by my parents, but my wife is not sure? My parents have never needed money from their children, so don’t think that just sending money home will end your responsibility as a child. What my parents need, just like your parents, is the love and care of the children. He didn’t want to join hands with his wife to take care of their parents, so from now on, it’s best to take care of whoever’s parents. You just go straight to the paternal house and I take the child to the grandmother, that’s fair. Otherwise, we’ll disband because I can’t let my parents suffer forever just because of a selfish son-in-law like you.”– Hue said angrily.

On the 30th of April holiday, the husband declared that he was


After saying that, Hue definitely ordered a car to take her children to her grandmother. After a few minutes of standing still like heaven, her husband realized that his wife was not angry, but that was his last statement, so he quickly lowered his voice to “pray for peace” and said that he would go with his wife to his grandmother and grandfather to wait for another opportunity later.

The internal and external sides of the two sides as one are the basic factors, a solid foundation to build a happy marriage. It is because of the unfair and disrespectful treatment of the husband towards his wife’s family that is the cause of many conflicts in the family, and the feelings of both sides are broken. Psychological side of the husband’s contempt will directly affect the psychology and thoughts of the wife.

Men should understand that, if they want their partners to wholeheartedly and wholeheartedly take care of their paternal family, they must also take care of their parents-in-law with all their heart. Because after all, all relationships must be reciprocal to remain strong, even marriage and family is no exception, husbands. people-doi-huong-20220429213910781.chn

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