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Pause the release of the MV of Son Tung M-TP

Talking to us on April 29, Mr. Le Quang Tu Do, Deputy Director of the Department of Broadcasting, Television and Electronic Information, Ministry of Information and Communications, said that after watching the MV There’s No One At All, by Son Tung M-TP, found that there were content that had a negative impact on young people, especially the last scene where the scene of a suicide jump appeared.

According to Mr. Tu Do, these contents are very harmful to the perception and actions of young people today, in the context that young people have many psychological and physiological difficulties during the 2 years of the pandemic.

“The content of the MV is accidentally old take actions that are harmful to public health and violate regulations Clause 4, Article 3, Decree 144/202/ND-CP stipulating performance activities,” said Mr. Tu Do.

Currently, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism is coordinating with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Department of Performing Arts to have an official handling direction and stop harmful content. At the same time, there is a way to deal with artists who violate the regulations, as well as to develop a code of conduct for artists in general and in cyberspace in particular.

About ‘s MV handling direction Son Tung M-TP, according to Mr. Tu Do, if Son Tung does not stop the MV release, the Department will ask Google and YouTube to intervene, remove the MV, and handle Son Tung if he does not comply.

On the same day, Ms. Tran Ly Ly, Acting Director of the Department of Performing Arts said that the Department had sent an official dispatch to the relevant agencies to coordinate in handling the case in the direction of suspending the release of this MV to await handling.

The MV There’s No One At All by Son Tung M-TP was released on the evening of April 28, telling about the tragic life of an abandoned boy, growing up in an orphanage, suffering from school violence and becoming a young man. harasser, harasser. At the end of the MV, the guy jumps from above to end his own life, freeing himself from a lonely, familyless and suffocating life.

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