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Piercing 6 ears, a woman with a deformed ear had to undergo surgery many times

A female UTI patient (25 years old, living in Tien Giang), for many years has suffered with a large tumor in her ear, this is the result of her piercing since 7th grade.

The female patient said that when she was in 7th grade, her friends invited her to go to a gold shop to punch 6 holes in her ears for personality. The shop owner uses an ear piercing tool, directly punches 6 holes continuously throughout the ear.

In 9th grade, the ear started to show signs of discomfort, so I decided to remove the whole earring. In 10th grade, it was discovered that the earlobe was protruding with a knuckle, so she went to a hospital in Ho Chi Minh City for surgery and removal. However, 2 years later, the condition still recurred. T. was taken to a specialized hospital by family members ear, nose and throat to treat.

Complications after ear piercing

provided by the doctor

However, after surgery, the results were still not satisfactory. Recently, the tumor started to recur. The patient was admitted to JW Hospital in a state where the tumor had completely hardened, swollen with huge size.

Through clinical examination and diagnostic imaging, Dr. BS Nguyen Phan Tu Dung – General Director of JW Hospital, said that the auricle is one of the particularly dangerous positions if we apply force because it is easy to cause damage. Complications due to the cartilage of the ear is very sensitive, the skin is also very thin. At present, the patient’s ear lobe has an overgrown scar tumor. More seriously, the tumor has gradually eaten down the ear causing scar spread.

Piercing 6 ears, a woman with a deformed ear had to undergo surgery many times - photo 1

The patient’s ear is swollen

provided by the doctor

“The patient will need to have the tumor removed immediately to avoid metastasis, making the condition more serious, even causing ear necrosis, affecting hearing,” Dr. Tu Dung emphasized.

After 3 hours, the patient was surgically removed tumor, shape the ear. Currently, the female patient is healthy after the surgery and the hospital continues to monitor and treat, using drugs to prevent future scar proliferation to inhibit the possibility of recurrence.

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