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Preventing the problem of fake books

With 50 search locations nationwide, 34 defendants prosecuted, production cases, selling fake books; Accepting bribes and brokering bribes that occurred at Phu Hung Phat Production and Trading Co., Ltd., Hanoi Market Management Department and related units is considered the case with the largest number of fake books in the whole country. water ever since. The profit of the state of printing fake books, pirated books is “a capital of four profits” because there are no management fees, no taxes, no royalties, no royalties. And this is one of the very few cases of fake books that have been criminally handled before the problem of fake books and pirated books has been a pain for many years.

Nearly 9,400,000 books fake textbooks, fake reference books from grade 1 to grade 12 and some other fake books. In which, the subjects have sold about 6 million books to hundreds of bookstores across the country. Before being criminally handled, the subjects in the line were administratively handled by the market management agency. lighten the case.

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The problem of fake books and pirated books is still painful

The problem of fake books and pirated books has existed for many years. Even blatantly abusive, very complicated. The tricks of the subjects are often divided into stages, from printing to processing, packaging, and then releasing for consumption. Each stage is an operating business.

Due to the current situation of counterfeit books, most of them are textbooks, many people think that all textbooks at all levels should be implemented in a socialized manner, so that the situation of fake books and pirated books will be limited. .

In fact, today’s book buyers have the mentality of buying cheap books with high discounts. Therefore, a decisive factor in the success or failure of anti-counterfeiting and pirated books is the people who spend money to buy books. Because only when buyers are really aware that buying and reading real books is a cultural act and respects the law and protects their legitimate interests, then the problem of fake books and pirated books will be thoroughly solved. to.

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