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Restricting third-party NFC payments, Apple faces a heavy penalty

Investigators in the European Union (EU) have found Apple in a breach in blocking third-party service providers from accessing NFC on the Apple Pay mobile wallet system.

According to Neowin, an investigation opened in 2020 by the European Commission (EC) led by the commissioner in charge of competition Margrethe Vestager. The investigation found that Apple used the iPhone’s “Tap and Go” function for Apple Pay but not other third-party services like PayPal, Venmo… Apple says that allowing third-party services violates the security and privacy of users.

Apple is again touched by the EU related to antitrust behavior


This is not the first time Apple has faced antitrust fines related to Apple Pay. Last year, the EU investigated Apple for charging a 30% fee on third-party apps App Store. Ms. Vestager previously stated that Apple plays a dominant role when it comes to distributing apps and content to users on Apple devices. Earlier, Spotify also filed a complaint against Apple related to it having to spend 30% from in-app purchases as well as banning users from paying with alternative methods for internal subscriptions. application.

A similar lawsuit was filed by e-book company Kobo, which says it can’t stay profitable while competing with Apple Books, which doesn’t incur the same costs.

Apple could have to pay a fine of up to 10% of global revenue if the company is found guilty. According to Reuters, by the end of March, Apple had to pay more than 45 million EUR in fines related to the acts monopoly.

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