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Revealing gold medal target for each Vietnamese team at SEA Games 31

As Youth reported, SEA Games 31 must be fair, fair and magnanimous'”>Vietnamese sports delegation participated in SEA Games 31 with the largest number in the region, with 1331 members, including 951 athletes (532 men, 419 women).

Vietnam strives to win the top position of the whole team at the 31st SEA Games with about 140 – 150 gold medals (HCV) or more.

Targeted subjects HCV are expected as follows: track and field team strive to win from 15 to 17 gold medals; 9 teams strive to win from 7 to 9 gold medals including: aerobics, swimming, canoeing, rowing, dance sports, pencak silat, gymnastics, vovinam, wushu.

Revealing the gold medal target for each Vietnamese team at the 31st SEA Games - photo 1

Swimmer Huy Hoang reads his promise at the departure ceremony and will be the athlete to be sworn in at the opening ceremony of the 31st SEA Games on the evening of May 12.


The 10 teams that set targets are expected to win 5-7 gold medals, including: Archeryshooting, weightlifting, fencing, judo, katate, Boxingtaekwondo, bodybuilding, wrestling. Men’s soccer and women strive to successfully defend the gold medal.

Mr. Tran Duc Phan – Deputy General Director in charge of General Department of Sports and Sports, the head of the Vietnamese sports delegation emphasized: “As the host country, we have to simultaneously perform two tasks: Prepare and successfully organize the competitions at the congress, and at the same time prepare good force of athletes participating in the competition achieved high results. This is not a small challenge, but with the efforts to overcome difficulties in sports, Vietnam is determined to complete the tasks that the Party, State, Government and Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism assigned to the industry.

After a period of active, serious and responsible preparation, officials, experts, Coach and athlete of the Vietnamese sports delegation was confident, ready to attend the congress and strive for the best results”.

Revealing the gold medal target for each Vietnamese team at SEA Games 31 - photo 2

Fencing athlete Vu Thanh An strives to win the 31st SEA Games gold medal. He is also the flag bearer for the Vietnamese delegation at the opening ceremony.


Talk to Newspapers Youth, fisherman Nguyen Huy Hoangdefending gold medal 400m freestyle, 1,500m freestyle at SEA Games 30, the typical Vietnamese athlete 2021 said emotionally: “I am very honored and excited to compete at the 31st SEA Games right in my homeland of Vietnam. To prepare for SEA Games 31, despite being affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, we had time to practice vegetarianism, but we were still given the best conditions. The recent training and competition in Hungary helped us complete the preparations.

We started practicing to get used to the competition conditions in My Dinh Water Sports Palace. I will do my best to achieve the best results for the Vietnamese swimming team in particular and Vietnamese sports in general. I hope the fans will come and cheer for me and my teammates to compete to make the green race more exciting. I also send my best wishes to my domestic and international colleagues for a successful, safe and lucky SEA Games. I wish the Vietnamese sports team to achieve the set goals.”

Revealing the gold medal target for each Vietnamese team at SEA Games 31 - photo 3

The track and field team is assigned the highest target in the Vietnamese team


Crab trailers Nguyen Thi Thathome reigning champion of Asia and SEA Games also emphasized: “It’s really nice to be able to play at home for the first time and play the victory national anthem again. That is the motivation and also becomes the goal that I strive for in the past time. Wish for Vietnam sports team Successfully competing at the 31st SEA Games brings joy and pride to the fans.” At the 31st SEA Games, Nguyen Thi That is expected to win the 31st SEA Games gold medal in the individual distances, individual and team starting distances for women’s road bicycles.

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