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Sanofi strategic cooperation

This is a particularly meaningful cooperation on the occasion of World Immunization Week between two leading units in the field of preventive medicine in Vietnam, aiming for a healthy community through the goal of improving vaccination rates to prevent dangerous infectious diseases.

Sanofi - VNVC strategic cooperation aims to protect Vietnamese people's health - 1

The strategic cooperation between Sanofi Vietnam and VNVC aims to jointly protect the health of Vietnamese people.

The signing of a long-term strategic partnership between Sanofi Vietnam and VNVC aims to maximize the positive impacts of vaccinations, increase access to high-quality vaccines, and contribute to improved healthcare efficiency. for the Vietnamese people through various activities, including: cooperating to launch new vaccine products and ensuring people are informed about new vaccine products; ensure people have access to vaccine products; multimedia education activities on infectious diseases that can be prevented by vaccines for the community; training and capacity building of medical staff; discuss the possibility of cooperation in the field of vaccine clinical research (final stage).

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