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Saving the life of a man in Phu Tho who was given rat poison by his wife

Phu Tho General Hospital has just saved the life of a case of poisoning caused by vitamin K-resistant rat poison. The patient was a victim of the case of “wife giving her husband rat poison” in Thanh Ba district (Phu Tho).

Information from Phu Tho Provincial General Hospital said that the patient, a 37-year-old male patient in Thanh Ba district (Phu Tho), was admitted to the Department. Emergency of this hospital due to bright red blood in the urine.

Through taking the history and medical history, the doctors knew that about a week before entering the hospital, the patient had bright red blood in the urine and stools accompanied by bleeding gums and bleeding gums. wound Difficulty stopping bleeding, with scattered bruises under the skin.

The patient’s family took the patient to the district health center for treatment, but his condition did not improve, so he was transferred to Phu Tho General Hospital, which is an upper level.

At the Emergency Department of Phu Tho Provincial General Hospital, the doctors oriented the patient to have a severe blood clotting disorder, possibly caused by poisoning vitamin K antagonists or anti-vitamin K rat poisons. Patients are assigned to do diagnostic tests.

The test results showed that the patient had a severe blood clotting disorder, the PT index (a test for blood clotting ability), factor IX (a protein that helps blood clot) decreased severely…

Based on the test results, the doctors diagnosed the patient with vitamin K-resistant rat poison.

The patient was treated in the direction of vitamin K-resistant rat poison poisoning by high-dose vitamin K plasma infusion. After a week of treatment, the patient’s blood clotting status was stable, and the laboratory parameters were normal.

The patient was discharged from the hospital, went home to take oral vitamin K for 2 months and was scheduled to be re-examined.

Emergency department doctors advise people to be very careful with these types of diseases chemistry Unfortunately, eating and drinking must immediately go to a medical facility for timely examination and treatment, avoiding danger to life.

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