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Sister came to cook for me, husband came home from work and said harsh words

Are you experiencing pain or sadness in your life? marriage, love? This can only be answered by insiders. Conflicts occur, making us sad, depressed, these expressions are easy to see. But sometimes, you endure, endure the absurdity of the other party, they also take it for granted. The wounds are more and more, but you yourself are used to it. It’s just that, when “the last drop of water has overflowed”, it is very difficult to save the relationship. The story below of the T. family is an expensive lesson for young couples.

Wife asked her sister to cook for her, husband came home from work and said harsh words

T.’s husband is a man The point is, after getting married is completely different from the time when he was single. There were many times when he came home after work, yelled at his wife and said hurtful words, but T. just thought that maybe all men are like that. She also thinks that because her husband’s work is very stressful, it will be okay to let him get angry a few times.

The wife asked her sister to cook for her, the husband came home from work and let go of a harsh word and the


In the family, both T. and her husband go to work, generate income and T. also does not want to be useless, all day just living off her husband. So even though he’s in charge of many things at the same time, working, being a wife and a bride, T. still tries to complete it. Her husband is still lazy to wash the bowl, the house never sweeps, everything goes to the woman.

Married for more than 1 year, yet they have no children, also stemming from unresolved things in the hearts of both sides. The patriarchal man, wants his wife to do everything, and the woman has limited stamina, sooner or later the day will come when she can’t sacrifice anymore.

The peak was once, T. was sick and had to go home to rest. In her trance, she still thought she could not cook for her husband, so she called her sister to her house to ask for help. T.’s sister went to the market and cooked carefully, but when her brother-in-law came home and saw her sister-in-law cooking, she immediately said harshly: “Where’s my wife? I’m lazy again, just good at being lazy”.

When T.’s sister heard that, she immediately became very sad, she also wanted to tell her brother-in-law but wanted to save face for her sister. At that moment, T.’s husband’s harsh words were all overheard by his mother-in-law. That day, the mother-in-law was worried about her daughter’s illness, so she also came to lend a hand. She witnessed the whole thing and stood out bluntly:

“I’m very critical of you today, son-in-law. You say things like that, even if my sister-in-law was here, it must have happened a long time ago, not the first time. I believe you My daughter is a hard-working woman. If you feel dissatisfied with your wife, that means you don’t like me either?

After the groom listened, he realized his mistake and immediately apologized. As it turned out, no one had ever told him directly before, making him think that it was normal for him to be demanding and selfish.

The wife asked her sister to cook for her, the husband came home from work and let go of a harsh word and the


Women want to be happy, must love themselves first

The mistake of T. in the above situation is that she is too patient, to the point of weakness, has never lived for her own feelings. Over time, women’s concessions and sacrifices are the reason why men take results for granted. And so they don’t respect, care, and love you anymore.

If no family member spoke up, perhaps T. would not be able to make her husband regret for the wrong things he did. She ignores herself, doesn’t listen to her heart, and if other women are like that, how many wounds won’t hurt. Then after a while, it will form a scar that is difficult to heal. Remember, everyone’s endurance has a limit, so don’t let things go to the point of “tears”. Loving yourself will give you the confidence and courage to love others. trumpet-co-pha-xu-ly-dinh-cao-2022042717384272.chn

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