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Sleeping at the girlfriend’s house, ‘hands-on’ 2 times raised more than 100 million

April 29, 2022 14:26 GMT+7

Many times to visit and sleep over, Hieu knew two young girls from another locality who came to rent a house with savings, so they became greedy.

On April 17, Police Ward (CAP) Dang Giang, Ngo Quyen District, Hai Phong received a report from Ms. Bui Thi Phi Y. (SN 2001) and Tran Thi Minh T. (SN 1997), who lived together. the hostel in Trung hamlet, Dang Giang ward, about the loss of over 100 million VND.

Sleeping at the girlfriend's house, 'convenient' 2 times, raising more than 100 million dong photo 1

Subject Hieu experimented with stealing money.

According to the reports of Y. and T., because they rented accommodation as a freelancer, they were still at a young age, so there were quite a few boys coming to visit. Among them is Nguyen Van Hieu (SN 2002), the administrative officer of Kien Thuy district, Hai Phong, who is working as a worker at a company in Ngo Quyen district.

Having a gentle appearance, and knowing how to speak, Hieu quickly won the sympathy of Y. and T. Not only considered Hieu as a family member, T. and Y. were also willing to let Hieu sometimes sleep over.

During the review process, the police agency identified the suspect, Nguyen Van Hieu, and summoned this young man to work. After wandering around for a while, Hieu also had to confess his crime.

Due to frequent visits, Hieu knew that the two young girls had quite a bit of savings. One kept it in a plastic piggy bank, and the other kept it in a closet. At noon on April 14, Hieu went to the inn to play, then went to Ms. Y’s room on the 3rd floor, slept until about 5pm, then woke up. After that, the subject tried to get all the money inside the pig, getting 44 million VND.

Feeling delicious, at noon on April 16, Hieu went to the hostel again, went up to Ms. T’s room on the 2nd floor and stole more than 68 million VND from the wardrobe.

The police agency seized the entire amount of 112.5 million dong that Hieu stole; issued a decision to prosecute the case and prosecute the accused against Nguyen Van Hieu for the crime of Theft of property.

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