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Son Tung M-TP was “unveiled” by a series of foreign language errors by netizens

After a year of absence, Son Tung M-TP announced their return to the music industry with the song “There’s No One At All”, released on April 28. For the first time performing a song singing in a foreign language, Son Tung admitted that he couldn’t help but feel nervous but still tried to maintain a comfortable mentality. For Son Tung, this is one of his new experiences on his career path.

However, after Son Tung announced that he was singing in English, many netizens “reopened” the previous noise when he was repeatedly accused of making basic foreign language mistakes.

Son Tung M-TP was

Son Tung was repeatedly criticized for using English

Using the wrong preposition

In August 2021, Son Tung posted an image that was said to be a “tease” for a new music product. He wrote: “There’s something unique like a small map created by myself on the screen… I bet you guys already know what it is. Please wait for it! Oops, I hope you are not distracted with my glass of coffee”. (Translation: There’s nothing as unique as the little charts I create on the screen. I bet you guys know what it is. Please look forward to it! I hope you won’t be distracted by this cup of coffee).

Immediately, the online “spelling police” caught Son Tung’s English grammar mistake. Specifically, in the article, Son Tung used the phrase “be distracted” (meaning to lose focus on something). However, he continued with the preposition “with”, which according to many “network teachers”, must use “from/by”.

Son Tung M-TP was

Son Tung’s article using English was found to have a prepositional error.

Corrected by fans for every English word

Before he was as successful as he is now, Son Tung was so poor at foreign languages ​​that he had to let fans correct each word. In 2018, Son Tung published an article using completely English, which shocked people. This article was quickly pointed out by “network teachers” in detail, from grammar to word usage, periods, and commas.

Son Tung M-TP was

Son Tung posted a status line that ran out of English to share about a movie.

Son Tung M-TP was

Who is afraid to be scrutinized and corrected by netizens.

Speak English like reading Vietnamese lines

Not only writing wrongly, Son Tung was also commented by netizens that speaking English is no different… reading Vietnamese lines. When appearing in the awards finale The Face Vietnam In the first season, Son Tung caused controversy when he pronounced “tha thu” when talking about tattoos on his face. Soon after, many short clips imitating the conversation between MC and Son Tung in the program were spread by netizens.

However, some viewers defended him, saying that after singing and dancing on stage, Son Tung was out of breath, so the pronunciation of the word “tattoo” was incorrect.

Son Tung M-TP was

Misspelled producer name

After Son Tung uploaded a poster of the new song “There’s No One At All”, netizens quickly discovered that he misspelled producer Chris Gehringer’s name as Christ Gehringer. After the mistake was discovered, Son Tung updated the poster with the correct name.

Son Tung M-TP was

Son Tung misspelled the producer’s name on the new MV poster.

Son Tung M-TP was

After the error was discovered, Son Tung updated the new poster with the correct producer’s name.

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