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South Korea abolishes the requirement to wear masks outdoors from May 2

This is Korea’s next step so that people can really return to normal life, after the country has almost completely lifted the restrictions. regulations on social distancing epidemic prevention COVID-19 from April 18, except for the mandatory wearing of masks.

Dismissal decision abolish the regulation of wearing masks outdoor was presented at the meeting of the Korean Central Committee on Safety and Disaster Prevention Measures on April 29 chaired by Prime Minister Kim Bu-gyeom. However, with indoor events and outdoor events with a scale of more than 50 people, people still have to wear masks.

The reason the Korean Government made this decision is thanks to experts’ assessment that the level of COVID-19 infection in the country will continue to decrease significantly. As of the end of April 28, Korea had 552 serious patients being treated, down 35% from 846 patients in the week ending April 21. The number of deaths from COVID-19 in the week from April 22 to 28 was 921, down 30% from the previous week.

South Korea abolished the requirement to wear masks outdoors from May 2 - Photo 1.

South Korea has almost completely lifted regulations on social distancing to prevent the COVID-19 epidemic from April 18. (Photo: AP)

Despite lifting the requirement to wear masks outdoors, Korean authorities still recommend that people wear masks in shopping malls or city parks, where crowds gather at peak hours.

South Korea has introduced a mandatory requirement to wear masks outdoors from October 13, 2020.

South Korea plans to almost globally lift COVID-19-related social restrictions to spur a recovery in personal spending growth, experts said on April 17. However, the recovery may not be as strong as increasing inflationary pressures dampen domestic demand.

Accordingly, from April 18, the curfew for restaurants, cafes and other small businesses will be lifted, while the limit on the size of private gatherings will also be removed. cancel.

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