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The Ministry of Health speaks out about the lack of medicine for kidney transplant patients

According to the Ministry of Health, this is an undesirable event. According to reports, Cho Ray Hospital (HCMC) has solutions to immediately overcome this situation.

Specifically, urgently organize the selection of contractors to supply drugs by appropriate forms, ensuring that right after the holiday (April 30 – May 1) there are drugs to meet treatment needs; Contact medical facilities with drugs in the city to transfer patients for treatment and enjoy health insurance policies as prescribed.

Related to this issue, on November 24, 2021, the National Center for Centralized Drug Procurement issued an official dispatch to the Departments of Health of the provinces, cities, ministries, branches and hospitals/institutes with beds. diseases under the Ministry of Health, requesting medical facilities to be responsible for actively purchasing according to regulations, ensuring the supply of drugs for treatment needs.

However, the national centralized bidding and price negotiation have not been successful due to a number of reasons.

As for the national centralized bidding, there are no results yet because the list of national centralized bidding must be reviewed before the bid opening time. In addition, the expert team is in the process of evaluating and clarifying the bids, ensuring that the principles of competition, fairness, transparency and economic efficiency are met.

As for price negotiation, this is a new form of bidding and has been applied only to drugs since 2018. The Drug Price Negotiating Council is actively negotiating prices for 66 generic brand-name drugs. These include antirejection drugs used in kidney transplant patients.

The implementation process requires collecting, analyzing and processing a large amount of information related to each negotiated drug and requires coordination with many other ministries and sectors such as the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Planning and Investment. and Investment, the General Department of Customs and a number of related ministries and branches to achieve the highest efficiency.

The fact that for the first time negotiating a large number of generic brand-name drugs together with limited human resources for price negotiation, mainly part-time, are also difficulties affecting the progress of negotiations. judge price.

The Ministry of Health confirmed that it is directing the National Center for Centralized Drug Procurement to urgently implement national-level centralized bidding for drugs and negotiate prices. As soon as the results are available, the Ministry of Health will announce the winning results and reach a framework agreement for medical facilities to deploy and implement.

Previously, some kidney transplant patients being treated at Cho Ray Hospital said that they had to buy some anti-rejection drugs by themselves because the hospital announced that they were out of drugs. These are anti-rejection drugs that health insurance covers such as Advagraf 5mg, 1mg, 0.5mg; Prograf 1mg; Cellcept 500mg, 250mg. Currently, the prices of these drugs in the market are very high, which is a challenge for poor patients.

For people who receive an organ transplant in general, after a successful transplant, they will have to take anti-rejection (immunosuppressive) drugs for life. The drug prevents the body from rejecting the transplanted organ.

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