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The motorbike taxi driver ‘relies on’ the traffic police to collect money

HanoiNguyen Quoc Tuan took advantage of the familiarity of traffic police at Phap Van – Cau Gie checkpoint to show that he could bring an undocumented car through during the time of social distancing.

On the morning of April 29, Tuan, 41 years old, living in Hoang Mai district, was fined 7 months and 24 days by the Hanoi People’s Court, with the same period of detention, for the crime of Taking advantage of influence over people with positions and powers for personal gainaccording to Clause 1, Article 366, Penal Code.

Since 2017, Tuan has been working as a motorbike taxi driver at Nuoc Ngam bus station (Hoang Mai district). Due to the Traffic Police Team No. 14, belonging to the Traffic Police Department, the Hanoi Police often work at the nearby Phap Van – Cau Gie checkpoint, Tuan many times went out to talk and know three officers of this unit.

The indictment determined that, in August 2021, during Hanoi’s social distancing period, people and vehicles entering and leaving the city if they did not have enough documents could not pass through the checkpoints, Tuan actively met the driver and said he had a relationship with the driver. officers on duty. If the car wants to pass, they give money to Tuan for help.

Noon 4/9/2021, Tuan was receiving 500,000 VND from a car owner when he was discovered by Thanh Tri Police.

The indictment stated that Tuan had 12 times to pass the car through the gate, receiving nearly 11 million VND. He directly “made the law” with one of the three traffic police of Team 14 and gave 500,000 VND with each vehicle. The three policemen denied this testimony.

In the above 12 vehicles, the Hanoi Police have only obtained 3 testimonies. Therefore, at today’s court hearing, Tuan was only tried within 3 cases with the benefit of 2.1 million dong.

For the vehicle owners, the driver of the remaining 9 vehicles has been identified through Tuan’s testimony and the camera data of Phap Van – Cau Gie toll booth, the authorities are continuing to investigate and send a dispatch to the police. local security to take statements and handle later.

At today’s trial, Tuan admitted his behavior as a prosecution. In 12 times of receiving money, the defendant 8 times led cars without papers through the gate or directly operated the vehicle. The remaining four times, Tuan drove across the “small quota” road.

Authorities said that in Tuan’s collected phone, the investigating agency discovered many calls of Tuan with the police but could not verify the content of the chat. Therefore, this is isolated for further investigation.

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