The secret to creating a unique “WOW service” helps King Mattress conquer a series of customers

Experience WOW – The soul in the service of Mattress King

For retail businesses, delivery by motorbikes, trucks, snaking around caves and alleys to find guest houses seems like a common story, but delivery by “trefoil” is perhaps the special thing. The most special thing that Mr. Tran Thanh Huy – Transporter of King Mattress in the West has just experienced.

As usual, Mr. Huy starts his work early in the morning by reviewing and rearranging the orders that need to be delivered within the day. After preparing the goods carefully, he immediately called the customer to schedule an arrival. However, this delivery time was a bit more special when the customer in Hau Giang said: “If you want to enter the house, you have to go through a very long river, there is no other road. I support you with transportation and installation. placed, I will support the strength and canoe”. Huy said that at that time, without hesitation, he immediately agreed and started the delivery journey.

Arriving at the rendezvous point, it was surprising that the guest’s boat was much smaller than the mattress. At that time, both he and the guest wondered whether to put the mattress on or not because they were afraid that the boat and the mattress would sink, but if they didn’t try, there was no other way. “The feeling at that time was just one inch wrong and a thousand steps taken, meaning that the customer that night would not have a full night’s sleep,” Huy shared.

Fortunately, after the efforts of Mr. Huy and the support of guests, the mattress was quickly and safely lying on the boat, even enough to seat two people. The order was successfully delivered to the door with a surprised “WOW” sound and a “rain of compliments” from customers and people around.

This is the true story of “WOW Service” of King Mattress that has been passed on by many customers. Excellent service brings unprecedented experiences, exceeding expectations so that every customer who comes to King Mattress is surprised and satisfied beyond expectations.

The secret to creating a unique

“WOW service” is also one of the 6 core values ​​of Mattress King, built from the dedication of employees. This value is practiced by every employee every day, becoming the “soul” in each action, the central strategy of the business. Thanks to this, the number of customers coming back to shop at King Mattress is increasing, contributing up to 25% of the total revenue of this business.

Customers are the only destination in the “WOW service” problem.

As one of the few businesses that successfully build a unique “WOW service”, King Mattress always has its own secrets. One of them is the fact that the staff here always create services that surprise and surprise customers every time they experience it.

Specifically, Mattress King pioneered to build a store under the “Big Store” model, equipped with the world’s leading body pressure monitor Reveal By Xsensor and encouraged every customer to try sleeping for as long as they like to find the best mattress. The most suitable mattress. This has brought a revolution in choosing mattresses for consumers, because traditional retail stores often stack mattresses on top of each other, users do not have the opportunity to try. This is also the main reason leading to the high rate of customers choosing the wrong mattress.

Besides, King Mattress offers a 100-night trial sleep policy, free exchange and delivery to the guest’s bedroom. All of the above services are initiated by the staff of King Mattress and have really made a strong impression on customers.

With the motto “customer is the policy”, King Mat staffs are ready to help customers anytime, anywhere, even when it is not under their responsibility. When delivering the mattress, if the bed is found to be damaged or dirty, the staff will proactively suggest repairing, cleaning, and even redecorating the room to help the owner. At the same time, during the consultation process, King Mattress staff also regularly assist customers with many other issues such as how to take care of children, how to sleep well, skin care secrets, keep fit, decorate the house, etc. Gradually, This business has become a companion to customers’ lives, not just a mattress retail brand. It is this dedication and enthusiasm that makes many customers say “WOW – King of Mattresses” when mentioning the brand name.

The secret to creating a unique

In particular, in order to provide “WOW service”, all King Mattress staff always find a way to say “yes” instead of “no” to the requests of guests. Like the story about Mr. Tran Thanh Huy mentioned above, he can completely delay the delivery time to another day to find a river transport unit. However, because he cares about the sleep of his guests, Huy finds a way to flexibly handle each specific situation to always say “yes” to his “gods”.

“It’s not the company, the customer is the one who pays us. Understanding this, I always try to bring the most interesting and unexpected things to the customer. When the customer is happy, I am also happy. I also make friends with many customers and often help each other.The value of “WOW service” of Vua Nem really opens up many new opportunities for me in life”, said Mai Trang – Employee of King Shared mattress.

It can be seen that, no matter how many ways, how many strategies are implemented, the only destination in the “WOW service” problem of King Mattress is always the customer. Over the years, King Mattress has always kept in mind that: “When creating amazing services, customers will be stunned, the brand will spread, employees will be happy”. Thanks to that, this business step by step closer to the “top of mind” position in the mattress retail market in Vietnam.

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