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Tragic life turns a girl in her twenties into a cold-blooded killer (episode 19)

Luc Kim Phung, 20 years old, received a death sentence for Intentional Murder.

In 1975, Kim Phung was born in Luc Cac village, Tho Hoai town, Yuncheng city, Shanxi province, China. Not long after she was born, her biological father and grandfather passed away, so everyone in the house and neighbors called her “tai Tinh” (the one who brought bad luck to the family), many times took her away. buried alive. However, every time she was buried alive by the villagers, her mother would secretly dig her and bring her home. But Luc Kim Phung had to live in violence, contempt and abuse since childhood. In 1988, Kim Phung’s mother died, her stepfather and uncle beat her out of the house with sticks, no one in the village dared to adopt her. At that time, Luc Kim Phung had just turned 13 years old.

The case that shook China: A tragic life turned a 20-year-old girl into a cold-blooded killer - Photo 1.

Luc Kim Phung is on his way to the execution ground

Luc Kim Phung wandered, when he was hungry, he would pick up leftovers, when he was tired, he would sleep by the roadside to get through the day. In 1989, Luc Kim Phung was scavenging for leftovers outside a shop when he was bitten by a dog until he lost blood and lost consciousness. The shop owner, surnamed Ma, saw that Kim Phung had a bit of beauty and saved her, then used force to force her to sell sex for money to “repay the grace to save her life”. In 1991, Luc Kim Phung was arrested by the police while performing prostitution, sentenced to one year of re-education labor, and then sent her back to her hometown to be under local supervision.

Because she was always considered a “talent”, after Luc Kim Phung returned to her homeland, her stepfather plotted to “marry” her to someone else. Just then, there was a person surnamed Ly who was disabled and could only lie still more than 1,000 miles away from the village, so her stepfather immediately agreed to take her away. Since childhood, he has struggled, realizing that fate is always less fortunate than others, so Luc Kim Phung also nodded in agreement to listen to his stepfather’s arrangement.

But the peace did not last long, Luc Kim Phung was sold by the Li family to a man surnamed Hu for 2000 yuan. Ho’s temper is hot-tempered, passionate about alcohol, whenever he is drunk, he also pulls her out to beat and relieve her. From 1992 to 1993, Luc Kim Phung always tried to run away from Ho, but every time he was caught by the people or Mr. Ho was brought home. In 1994, Ho broke her right leg and locked her in a 5kg handcuff.

Some time later, Ho had to go on a business trip, giving his wife to two cousins, Duong and Quan. The two greedy men, seeing the beautiful Luc Kim Phung being handcuffed without resistance, had an intention to rape her. Two cousins ​​took turns raping her to get pregnant. Since the widower claimed the baby was hers, the surname Tang persuaded her to give birth to the child and he would use the money to exchange for her freedom.

The case that shook China: A tragic life turned a 20-year-old girl into a cold-blooded killer - Photo 2.

Luc Kim Phung ended his life at the age of 20

At the end of 1994, Kim Phung gave birth to a son for the Tang family. Everyone in the Tang family is happy and happy when they have a grandson to follow. However, by the Lunar New Year in 1995, Ho returned home. Tang was afraid, so he sent her and her son back home. At this time, Ho’s blood boiled, thinking his wife was promiscuous, so he stripped her clothes, hung her on a tree, and beat her to death. He just beat and looked up his identity on the “false husband”, Luc Kim Phung declared his surname Duong and Quan, then lost consciousness.

Ho took a knife to find Duong and Quan and tied them up and brought them home. He slashed to death two of his cousins, even strangled her less than one-year-old son on the spot and went to sleep.

Luc Kim Phung woke up and saw his son’s body and cried in pain. She tried to escape and then took the knife that Ho used to kill 2 cousins ​​and went into the bedroom. Seeing that Ho was sleeping behind him without warning, Luc Kim Phung stabbed him repeatedly until her husband was motionless. Then she set the house on fire. When people saw a fire, they immediately extinguished the fire and called the police. When the police arrived, when the fire was under control, seeing Luc Kim Phung sitting next to 3 charred bodies, the authorities immediately escorted her to the station.

At the police station, Luc Kim Phung admitted all of his actions. In March 1995, Luc Kim Phung was sentenced to death, although the court considered all relevant circumstances, but because she had a criminal record, there could be no other sentence.

In 1995, Luc Kim Phung ended her life at the age of 20, which seems to be an escape from her tragic life.

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