Trieu Lo Tu’s movie was accused of plagiarism

“Drop Thi Thien Ha” was accused of infringing on another movie’s copyright, “Hac Le Hoa Dinh”.

On April 29, Sohu reported Release Thien Ha do Trieu Lo Tu, Duong Duong starred and encountered a backlash from public opinion. The film has a question of copying the details, lines and filming of the work Hac Le Hoa Dinh.

From the evening of April 28, on online forums, the audience began to discuss content outside the original, such as plotting to gain power, cheating on exams or selling horses in the army. Release Thien Ha has an overlap with Hac Le Hoa Dinh. According to Sina, there are at least 5 similar film progressions between the two works.

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“Let Thi Thien Ha” was accused of plagiarizing the content of “Hac Le Hoa Dinh”. Photo: Sohu.

After that, the crew Hoa Dinh Crane There are posts alluding to Release Thien Ha plagiarism.

In addition to the suspicion of copying, the crew Release Thien Ha There is also an issue of animal abuse. In the fight scene, a horse falls and breaks its neck. Some sources said that the crew used old horses to record the scene of the horse falling to create the best effect and save money. The horses after the fall situation all died.

Currently, the film crew of Trieu Lo Tu, Duong Duong has not given a response to the negative accusations.

Release Thien Ha (Pictures of the world) belongs to the genre of martial arts, love. The story of the film is a martial arts competition and the emotional relationship between the female knight Bach Phong Tich (Trieu Lo Tu) and the master Phong Lan Tuc (Duong Duong).

As a historical work with great investment, but Release Thien Ha not appreciated. On Douban, the audience commented that the film was too adapted, losing the spirit of the original, the action scenes were superficial, the use of special effects was too much, the acting of Trieu Lo Tu and Duong Duong was poor.

According to Zing

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