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Truly capable people possess these two kinds of peak wisdom.”

Referring to successful people, many people will immediately think of talent, IQ, emotional intelligence, stereotypes, vision…

Two days ago, I was talking to a friend about a mutual friend. He is a talented communicator, achieved financial freedom early on and owns things that are a dream of many people. Talking more with him, understanding more about him, we understand more about the things behind that aura.

It is not only because of the lucky things that are bestowed by God, but efforts are what make them who they are today. Of course, their effort is not to rush into their career and work non-stop, but to know how to use their own wisdom and choose the right path plus work smart.

Observe really capable people, you will see that most of them have these two types of “peak wisdom”, no wonder the future is increasingly open.

Really capable people possess these 2 types of amp; # 34;

Wisdom in Time Management

Have you seen or found this familiar in yourself? It’s coming to work every morning on time, but it’s hard to calm down and really give your best. You do one part and then want to put off the other.

After lunch, you rest and prepare to start the afternoon work, but there is always a need for a delay. You choose non-urgent and unimportant options, tasks that are easy to perform. By the end of the day, the work is not half completed, the leader is eager for results, so he has to work overtime to keep up with the schedule.

If you enter the workplace with such an attitude, in a few years you will be quickly eliminated and unable to take any further steps, even falling further and further behind.

Truly capable people possess these two types of amp;#34;peak wisdom

In fact, a person’s success or not can be seen from their attitude towards work. The biggest difference between poor people and competent people is not low IQ or effort but wise time management.

Successful people understand that time management is especially important. It determines how you plan your time, divide your time, limit your time, and manage it well to get the most out of your efforts.

My friend is just like that. Previously, he was also not a wise person in terms of time management, but after many stumbling blocks and the process of constantly self-exploring, learning and trying, he was where many people wished.

Those who are really capable, able to see far, can not only manage their own time well, but as a manager, they can also guide their employees to learn how to manage time. better.

Truly capable people possess these two types of amp;#34;the pinnacle wisdom

Wisdom enhances self-worth

Many people often lament that because of their age, they cannot advance, young people are very flexible and fear that one day they will be replaced. The truth is that in this developed society, promotion and salary increase are no longer based on seniority but on individual capabilities and the value they bring to the company.

If you don’t do it, someone else will do it for you. If you want to be irreplaceable, you must work to enhance your self-worth and make yourself irreplaceable.

No one can succeed by accident. Whoever you see them succeeding, most of the time it’s not their given parents, but their own efforts. The wisdom of competent people is the wisdom of self-improvement, striving to create more and more value. With a person who is constantly improving himself and bringing more value to himself, surely every boss wants to retain his importance.

Truly capable people possess these two types of amp;#34;peak wisdom

My friend’s director wasn’t the most prominent person in the company. Although his superiors recognized his ability, there was still another person who was more appreciated in some respects. So the two of them were put in charge of a project to see who could create more value for the company.

His opponent felt that he was definitely the superior one, how could that chair fall into the hands of someone else. However, as a result, my friend was selected and even after the appointment process was completed, the competitor was not satisfied and assumed that there was something wrong with this.

There is never a winner in this world, the person who can always be the winner is the winner himself. You will only be able to move forward and achieve what you want by constantly improving yourself.

Truly capable people possess these two types of amp;#34;peak wisdom

Study, learn more, learn forever.

The key to enhancing self-worth is maintaining lifelong learning, constantly expanding new knowledge, applying new knowledge to work and life. It is the process of constantly breaking out about yourself. Remember that human potential is endless, in the process of self-improvement, you may discover new potentials within yourself.

The key to self-improvement is being proactive. You can actively take online courses, make good use of your time, and improve your abilities in a targeted way. Truly capable people will not stay in one place forever. One of their “peak wisdom” is being highly motivated and knowing how to improve themselves.

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