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US Congress passes bill allowing Ukraine to borrow weapons

The US House of Representatives has just passed a bill to remove barriers to the export of military equipment to Ukraine. The bill has been passed by the Senate and is still waiting for the President Joe Biden signed promulgation.

Reuters reported that the US House of Representatives passed the bill with 417 votes in favor and 10 votes against. This bill restores a World War 2 program under which the US can lend or lease military equipment to its allies.

US Congress passes bill allowing Ukraine to borrow weapons

Ukrainian soldiers use Javelin anti-tank missiles during a drill


Under the new bill, the White House can lend or lease weapon Ukraine or Eastern European countries affected by Russia’s military campaign to help these countries strengthen their defense capabilities and protect their people.

Russia’s RT station reported that the bill does not create a new program, but only makes it easier for President Joe Biden to send weapons to Kyiv by suspending barriers imposed by two existing laws, one of which is limited aid period within 5 years. Ukraine will have to pay rent to borrow weapons.

Republican Senator John Cornyn, who announced the bill in the Senate in January, called it a key game changer for Ukrainegiving the country the resources it needs to defend its sovereignty.

The Arms Lending-Lease Act was enacted by President Franklin Roosevelt in March 1941, nine months before the United States entered World War II.

By the end of the program in September 1945, the US had leased-lent and collected US$50.1 billion, most of which was sent to the UK, followed by the Soviet Union and other countries.

The bill was passed the same day President Biden asked Congress to pass a $33 billion budget to aid to Ukrainewhich includes more than $20 billion in weapons, ammunition and other military support.

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