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What happens next?

In the first day Johnny Depp stand up for testimony in the lawsuit claiming ex-wife compensation 50 million USD Because of libel, everyone present in the courtroom at the Fairfax courthouse, Virginia, USA was silent.

“For the first 30 minutes, viewers and the jury and the judge all viewed Johnny Depp as a hawk, attentive to every word he said. Until the first day of the trial, everyone believed that Amber Heard is the victim of the incident,” Jesse Weber, legal expert at Law & Crime Network told Insiders.

Over the next four days, Johnny Depp talks extensively about his traumatic childhood, how he built a massive Hollywood career out of trouble, before describing his tumultuous marriage to Amber Heard.

In the lawsuit, Depp accused his ex-wife of being a fabricator by claiming to be a survivor of domestic violence. Amber Heard expressed this point of view through an article posted on Washington Post 2018.

Amber Heard has denied the allegations, including that she made her ex-husband’s career go downhill. In the counter-suit, Heard alleges she was repeatedly abused by Depp even before and during her marriage and demanded compensation. 100 million USD.

But in recent days, all the pity has gone to Johnny Depp. Experts tell Insider that the actor succeeded in attracting the sympathy of the court attendees and the public. However, Depp’s legal team still faces serious obstacles if it wants to win the case.

The Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard lawsuit: What happens next?  - Photo 1.

The battle between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp in court continues. Photo: New York Post.

Draw compassion through reliable testimony

Jesse Weber said Johnny Depp did an “extraordinary job” in the first phase of his testimony, where he was invited for questioning by his legal team.

“Depp looks so real, trustworthy and honest. One of the highlights for me is the way he speaks. Every sentence is slow and deliberate. He speaks with context and answers firmly. tough questions,” Weber said.

Mitra Ahuraian, a famous lawyer in the entertainment industry, agrees with this. “I think he did a great job in showing his vulnerable side. He looked honest and very convincing,” Ahouraian said.

But both Weber and Ahouraian said Depp had a bit of a hard time while being questioned by Amber Heard’s attorney. “Depp was questioned about the things that put him on a path that was turned away from Hollywood,” Weber said.

During the cross-judgment, Amber Heard’s attorney released vulgar messages that Johnny Depp used to call his ex-wife. Videos of Johnny Depp getting angry during controversies were also brought as evidence in court.

Johnny Depp is a slut 2
Johnny Depp is a slut 2
Johnny Depp has a long love for him 3
Johnny Depp has a long love for him 3

Johnny Depp presents a pitiful and believable image during the hearings. Photo: Getty.

According to Weber, Johnny Depp sometimes evades lawyers a bit. However, during the interrogation, the actor still showed goodwill, cooperated with Amber Heard’s lawyer, was likeable and charming.

By the final day of cross-examination, Johnny Depp’s form dropped. The actor’s calm demeanor was gone and he looked a bit tired.

Entertainment lawyer Ahouraian says Amber Heard’s legal team has almost read Johnny Depp. That shows in the way he presents himself, being led by his lawyer. But that was predictable.

“It’s really tiring giving testimony in court, especially in cross-examination sessions where lawyers get your hands on you. But I think Depp did a good job of connecting with the judge, even though there were times when there were times that he had to do a good job. disappointing times,” Ahouraian added.

Johnny Depp’s Challenge

Experts say that defense lawyers can rely on Johnny Depp’s testimony against the actor. Weber paid special attention to the questioning style of attorney J. Benjamin Rottenborn. This person made Johnny Depp agree that abuse is not just physical but includes emotional and psychological injuries.

Following Depp’s testimony, the jury will review cases of alleged abuse, including audio recordings in which Depp calls his ex-wife using derogatory terms and vulgar names such as “fat,” “dirty whore”…

“Proving that Johnny Depp did not abuse Amber Heard is becoming increasingly difficult. At the same time, it is difficult to deny that the actress lied in the 2018 article, especially when the UK Supreme Court ruled Depp is basically a wife beater,” Weber said.

Another problem Depp faced was proving Amber Heard’s article was the cause of his career slump, including being kicked out of two famous movie franchises. Pirates of the Caribbean and Fantastic Beasts.

Amber Heard’s legal team began questioning this argument in court. The lawyer pointed out that the movie star reality Aquaman has voiced accusations of abuse by her ex-husband since 2016, including a picture of a bruised face. The legal team leaned on that and argued that Depp’s career was influenced by more than the article above. Washington Post.

Amber Heard’s attorney also launched articles before the abuse allegations to prove that Depp had a drug-related problem that caused his career to go downhill, Hollywood turned away.

“They will constantly present evidence that Johnny Depp’s drug abuse caused his career to go downhill, lose his job opportunities. It is very important to refute this argument. If not, the court may decide The Johnny Depp case received no damages from .’s article Washington Post“, Ahouraian said.

Johnny Depp takes care of him 4
Johnny Depp takes care of him 4
Johnny Depp takes care of him 5
Johnny Depp takes care of him 5

Most likely Amber Heard followed Johnny Depp in the next testimonies. Photo: Reuters.

What will happen next?

According to expert Jesse Weber, Amber Heard can do the same as Johnny Depp when appearing for testimony on the interrogation podium. The actress focuses on being authentic and convincing the judge and jury.

Like most of the public, Weber is skeptical about Amber Heard’s bruised images in the past. Whether the actress faked her injuries, especially when the Los Angeles police department said she didn’t see Heard’s injuries when she was called to settle the argument. The question is whether Amber Heard is taking advantage of the pro-women Me Too movement in Hollywood.

Weber said he believes Amber Heard will convince people by talking about how she always helps her ex-husband rehab. “What Heard and her legal team really wanted to emphasize is that she was there for Johnny Depp during his ex-husband’s darkest moments,” Weber said.

Ahouraian found that Amber Heard’s efforts to prove she was always helping her husband rehab could have influenced the outcome of the trial. “I think she’s going to get some sympathy. If anyone on the jury that has ever dealt with a family member with an addiction, I think they would sympathize with Heard,” Ahouraian said.

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