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‘Why buy a Honda car and pay the price’

Customers can choose to buy a car from another company with good quality or even better than Honda so that they don’t have to pay extra money.

With the article “Channel Honda motorbikes cost tens of millions of dong“, I’m quite frustrated. I used to ride a Honda motorcycle, but really over the years Honda’s way of doing things makes me very unhappy, when I let Head do the price without making any corrections or intervention. Because of high demand, users have to be “obedient” to let Head do it on its own. Doing business is right, but it must be accompanied by “business ethics”, and this Honda does not do as well as Yamaha. , Suzuki.

Previously, the problem of Yamaha and Suzuki cars was a lot of gas. Currently, I and many people recognize that Yamaha no longer drinks gasoline like the previous generation. Many people keep bringing the old Nouvo to compare and say that Yamaha’s motorbikes eat gas is not fair.

I don’t run Nouvo, but when I do run my sister’s Classico, I find it really wastes gas, but it’s different now. This company has switched to Blue Core engines and I see no longer this situation. This is just one of Honda’s other options if it’s just a matter of gas mileage. For Yamaha, the price of the car to the end user, the listed price, the dealer sells it.

I switched to buying a Yamaha car, and never went back to Honda again, for many years I couldn’t handle the problem of Head cutting and raising the price bluff.

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