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Why should you reduce the time you use your phone every day?

There’s no need to give up completely, the researchers say smartphone to feel better” but they found that reducing using phone daily has a positive impact on health of a person.

Several previous studies have shown that smartphone use is associated with obesity, neck pain, performance impairment and addiction-like behavior, so experts at Ruhr-Universität Bochum in Germany did the research to determine how much was too much.

Dr. Julia Brailovskaia and her team wanted to determine whether our lives are really better without smartphones, or rather, how much less use each day is good for us. ta.

The researchers recruited 619 people for their study and divided them into three groups. Out of a total of 200 people who put their smartphones aside for the week, 226 reduced their screen time by an hour a day, and 193 did not change anything in their behavior.

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Dr Brailovskaia said: “We found that giving up smartphones completely and reducing daily screen time to one hour both had a positive impact on the lifestyle and health of the participants. In the reduced use group, these effects were even longer lasting and therefore more stable than in the abstained group.”

On average, people spend more than three hours a day using their smartphones. Smartphone users to search Google, get directions, check email or the weather, shop, read the news, watch movies, and play games.

The researchers interviewed all the participants about their lifestyle habits and health status immediately after reducing phone time, one month and four months later.

The researchers asked survey participants to engage in physical activity, asking about a person’s level of satisfaction with their life and whether they showed any signs of anxiety or depression.

The week-long survey changed the participants’ phone habits: even four months after the end of the trial, members of their smartphone abstention group had averaged 38 minutes less per day on average than before.

The group that spent less than an hour a day with their smartphone in the test used the phone 45 minutes less per day four months later than before.

At the same time, life satisfaction and time spent in physical activity increased while symptoms of depression and anxiety decreased.

Dr Brailovskaia said: “It is not necessary to give up smartphones completely to feel better in life. You can have optimal daily use time.”

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