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Will suspend the release of the new MV of Son Tung M-TP

On the evening of April 28, male singer Son Tung M-TP released the MV “There is no one at all” – the first English song in his career on Youtube. The MV attracted the attention of the public with 378,000 premiere views, 1 million views after 22 minutes of release. At the moment, the MV is holding the number 1 top trending position, the top 1 music trending position on Youtube and reaching more than 5 million views.

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MV “There’s no one at all” caused a lot of controversy as soon as it was released.

However, the MV received mixed reactions, specifically in the MV, Son Tung transformed into a wanderer, living on a garbage truck, dissatisfied and disgusted with life. Throughout the MV, Son Tung often causes trouble, he is kicked and beaten, and the whole society turns away. However, the most controversial is the final scene of the MV when the main character solves the deadlock in his life by jumping from the building.

On the afternoon of April 29, Mr. Tran Huong Duong, Deputy Director of the Department of Performing Arts, said that the Department had prepared a document to send to the leaders of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Department of Radio, Television and Electronic Information. Death and related units coordinated to handle the MV “There’s no one at all” by male singer Son Tung M-TP in the direction of suspending the release of this MV.

As soon as it was released, the MV “There is no one at all” startled many people when Son Tung M-TP chose a negative ending for his character. As a youth idol, the way he built a tragic situation like this made many parents worried.

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An audience member shared: “As a father, as someone who has gone through the period of “adolescent rebellion”, I feel very concerned about Son Tung M-TP’s new MV with colorful images. Son Tung M-TP is a famous artist with great influence, especially for young people or teenagers.

Many people expressed the same opinion: “The MV is too toxic. I’ve watched it and said I’m okay. Hey, but the kids are just learning, don’t understand how?”. “Children use social networks a lot and not everyone is aware of it. Not to mention there are children who are sensitive or have psychological problems, they can’t think of anything to do. People of the public must think about whatever they want to do,” another audience harshly said.

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