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5 positions to attract fortune to fill the house, sublime life

home center

Entering the next lunar month, the central area of ​​the house will be illuminated by the Bat Bach star. This is the star of Prosperity, the prosperity of this star has the strongest effect, the owner of abundant fortune, luck, especially beneficial to those doing business.

Therefore, in this new month, you should work or gather with your family more often in the center of the house to receive the most prosperity.

North area

In the fourth lunar month, at the North position of the house, there is the appearance of the Tu Luc star. This star brings emotional luck in your life. This star brings emotional luck in your life as well as academic luck.

Families with children who are in an important period of study, are about to take an important exam, or who have plans to advance at work, please place a pot of green plants in this position such as orchids, betel nut trees. Grandma to increase sand gas.

5 locations to pay attention to if you want fortune to fill your house, sublime life - Photo 1.

If you want the sand to be most powerful, you should place the Van Xuong Tower in this area. Van Xuong Tower is a symbol of temples, wisdom and blessing power of Buddhism, has the effect of preventing weapons, neutralizing bad air, absorbing and creating, stimulating logical thinking, protecting and bring luck, convenience in learning, pray for passing exams, success and fame.

East area

In the coming April, the east position of the house will be chosen by the star Luc Bach. This is the star that symbolizes unexpected luck. The appearance of this star signals that your projects and goals begin to be completed quickly and successfully.

Especially for those who do management work, the star should represent the gathering of talent, fortune, and effective mandarin activation. If you want to increase the prosperity of this area, you need to keep it clean.

West area

Sao Nhat Bach will move to the West area of ​​the house this April. The white star represents the top mentor and career luck. You will have the opportunity to meet noble people who are wise and influential to help you achieve your aspirations in life.

This star has the ability to assist you in achieving more success, overcoming obstacles at work or winning over your competition. In this area, you can also place feng shui items to help activate fortune and fame such as Van Xuong Tower.

Northwest area

In the fourth lunar month, the Northwest position has the star Cuu Tu residing in. This is the future prosperity star, attracting wealth luck, especially through investment and fortune from your current job. This star also brings fame, your efforts will be recognized by everyone.

Therefore, you should keep the Northwest area in the house always clean and cool, and spend a lot of time living here to be able to receive the luck. Besides, it is necessary to remember feng shui human life is made up of humanity and virtue. Therefore, everyone wishes for peace, happiness or fortune, whether or not status is achieved depends largely on each person’s disposition.

* Information for reference and contemplation.

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