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A 35-year-old man sitting at the table has to hesitate to choose a cheap dish

I have a friend who is the most hardworking and hardworking person I have ever known. In the morning, he gets up early for a jog, has breakfast, then listens to English podcasts and reads scientific newspapers.

At night, when he came home from school, he worked hard to copy lessons, read slides, and recorded the knowledge he learned that day on A4 paper so that it was scientific and clean. In class, he always listened attentively to lectures and focused in class. Read books, listen to English, learn French and even do extracurricular activities. Coming here, you will probably see how boring, hard and boring his life is. So why does he have to work so hard in a life that many consider boring?

Although he studied very well, the scholarship did not fail once, but he did not have an IELTS certificate. He said that his friends the same age now have IELTS 7.0 – 8.0 but now he still has nothing in hand. Once, when he attended a scientific conference, he thought that his thesis was excellent, his score was very high, but it turned out to be nothing compared to other students who presented fluently in English like his mother tongue. to lay. At this point, he knew that he still had to work harder.

Men at the age of 35, when sitting at the dinner table, have to choose between cheap and expensive dishes;  When traveling, you must consider airfare, train when discount ... is a failure - Photo 1.

There is another fable like this, in a certain village, there was a girl who was often teased by the boys in the village because of her fat body. They often mocked her by calling her “belly waist”, “fat pig”, causing her a lot of pain.

The sad girl went home and lamented to her mother: “Why is everyone laughing at me?”

After hearing her daughter’s lament, the mother said, “On the hill behind the village there is a dry well. There was a legend, just fill the well with water. When the well is full, a God will appear. show me and grant me one wish”.

After listening to her mother, the girl used her free time to carry water to the top of the hill and pour it into the well. But the well is like a bottomless cave, the water pouring down is immediately swept into the ground, not seeing a drop of water. However, the girl was not discouraged. If only a few buckets of water were poured, she thought, the dry well would be full, wouldn’t that be too easy? So maybe everyone’s wish has been granted.

Thinking that, the girl got more motivation. Every day, she persistently carried water to the top of the hill, even when she fell in the rain, even when she slipped and lost the bucket of water or looked at her hands with calluses, she still did not give up.

She only had one wish in her heart, hoping that she would be beautiful, and that no one would laugh at her anymore.

After a long effort, the dry well on the hill was finally filled. Looking at the sparkling water in the sunlight, the girl smiled happily, waiting for the God to appear and grant her wish.

However, the girl stood for a moment, seeing nothing but the overflowing water around her.

The confused girl looked up at the sky: “God, where are you?”

But heaven and earth did not say anything and only the wind whispered in the ear.

The girl lowered her head in disappointment and looked into the well. At this moment, she saw the image of a graceful, slender young woman reflected in the water. The girl was surprised and couldn’t believe that she had become so beautiful.

Men at the age of 35, when sitting at the dinner table, have to choose between cheap and expensive dishes;  When traveling, you must consider airfare, train tickets when discounts ... is a failure - Photo 2.

Another story, my friend is 35 years old this year, at this age, men should be ‘mature’. But, sometimes sad, he called me out to vent, lamenting that there was nothing in my hand. He and his wife often quarrel because the family’s economy is tight, because of the monthly payments; Old parents in the countryside, sometimes sick, he and his wife grew up, and then added two boys of school age. Remember, when we were 20-22 years old, we were grinding our ass in the library and extracurricular classes, then he buried his head in games and drinking all night. That day he said that youth is shortened, must YOLO, must be enjoyed to the end. So, now, at the age of 35, we all have more or less something in our hands, like a stable career, a little economic potential, and he is being toyed with by his customers.

The last time, he told about the upcoming 30/4 holiday, after 2 years of “binding his feet” because of the pandemic, he wanted to take his wife and children out for a trip, but he checked the price of plane tickets, hotels… he wanted ‘ purple people’ because of worry. If you spend too much, you’ll dig into your family’s savings, but don’t dare to spend, that’s okay, choose another cheaper location. Really headache.


It is so that when you sit down to eat, you don’t have to think about which dishes are cheap and which are expensive, but just think about what you like to eat.

It’s to go where you like to go, not forever thinking about when the plane and train tickets will be discounted.

It’s so that when you fall in love, you also have to cry in Paris without having to hold a bottle of wine and sit on the roadside crying pitifully.

It’s to make your parents proud of you, so that they don’t have to spend every penny, so they can eat the best food, go to the most beautiful places, have the happiest times.

It’s for you to take the initiative in love, so that you can tell everyone that I love that person with all my heart, not love his money.

It is to let yourself see the world as much as possible. Because this world is so big, do you want to stand still in a small corner to watch everything around you change while you are still lying still?

The world around is really too great, your dreams are also many, so with the enthusiasm, strength, heart and mind that you have in the present, try to make your dreams come true. It’s true that we can choose the life we ​​want, not the life that chooses us.

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