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Britain sent 8,000 troops to Eastern Europe to exercise with allies

Thousands of British troops will take part in exercises across Eastern Europe to counter the Russian threat, the Ministry of Defense said.

In its biggest troop mobilization since the Cold War, Britain will also send dozens of tanks to countries from Finland to North Macedonia this summer, under plans that have been ramped up since Russia’s launch. military offensive campaign into Ukraine.

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British soldiers are deployed to participate in exercises with the militaries of allied and partner countries in Eastern Europe. Photo: PA

Joining the exercise with British forces will be tens of thousands of troops from NATO member states and the Joint Expeditionary Force alliance, including Finland and Switzerland. Dictionary.

According to the British Ministry of Defense, the move was long planned and was enhanced in response to Russia’s military attack on the neighboring country on February 27.

The Guardian newspaper quoted Lieutenant General Ralph Wooddisse, commander of the British field army as saying: “The UK is making a significant contribution to the defense of Europe and to the prevention of aggression by the British. Russia. British military exercises serve both of these goals. The scale of the mobilization, coupled with the professionalism, training and agility of the British military, will prevent aggression on a scale not seen in Europe this century.”

UK troop deployment is expected to peak at 8,000 service members on active duty in Europe between April and June.

According to British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace, the UK’s exercises with allied and partner nations “are intended to show solidarity and strength in one of the largest joint deployments since the war.” Cold”.

Soldiers from the Royal Cavalry Regiment and a British armored brigade will exercise in Finland, which shares a more than 1,300km land border with Russia. Exercises with US troops will also take place in Poland.

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Photos of NATO soldiers exercising ‘close to the arm’ of RussiaRT news agency reported that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) “Bold Dragon” exercise opened in Estonia on April 9.

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