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British MP suspended for watching adult movies during meeting

British Conservative MP Neil Parish has been suspended from his job to investigate allegations of watching adult films in the House of Commons.

According to the Guardian newspaper, on April 29, Mr. Parish appeared before the House of Commons’ Civil Service Standards Committee, days after two other female MPs accused him of watching adult movies on his phone in his room. meeting of the House of Representatives.

The 65-year-old MP is currently being investigated by an Independent Complaints Commission, the investigative mechanism set up by the UK Parliament into the conduct of MPs. Mr Parish said he would “cooperate fully with the investigative authorities”, and vowed to resign if found guilty.

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British Conservative MP Neil Parish. Photo: Mirror

Sue Parish, wife of MP Neil Parish, called the allegations against her husband “disgraceful”. “He would never have done that if he knew he was being watched,” Ms Sue told The Times. “I don’t think the investigation will continue. This is stupid. He is a good human being and a congressman.”

MP Parish has been elected to the House of Commons since 2019, representing Tiverton and Honiton. Before his suspension, Mr. Parish was chairman of the House of Commons’ Committee on Environmental, Food and Rural Affairs.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson once encouraged witnesses to report misconduct by MPs to the Independent Complaints Committee.

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