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Dad was surprised to find his daughter’s ‘revenge diary’

The book “recording revenge” of a girl from Zhengzhou, Henan (China) was shared dizzy on this country’s social network.

In the notebook, she recorded the things that made her unhappy.

“Dad comes home and ignores me, I hold back”.

“Dad talks to me in that voice, I hold back.”

“Mom buys delicious food and doesn’t give me a piece of it, I hold it.”

Dad was surprised to discover his daughter's 'revenge diary' - 1

The Chinese girl’s ‘revenge’ book.

The father said he was surprised when he discovered this notebook.

The reporter then contacted the girl’s mother. She said she and her daughter still live in harmony. She felt that the child still could not distinguish what is “hate”.

Some netizens agreed with the mother’s point of view. But there are also many opinions that parents need to communicate more with their children to understand their thoughts.

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