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Depression in children – a problem parents should not ignore

Children with depression can come from pressure from many sides, the changes of adolescence and need to be accompanied, listened to and shared by parents.

Adolescence is an important transitional period, marking many changes in children’s thinking, lifestyle, and behavior. At this stage, children will easily be overwhelmed by emotions, not able to control and not fully understand their own thoughts. Therefore, this is also a pleasant period of negative effects leading to depression.

There are many causes of teenage depression. One of the most common causes is due to pressures in study and family and relationships. The pressure of parents in studying, exams, unhappy families, domestic violence, school violence make children easily fall into a state of stress with everything, sometimes out of control. his thoughts.

Many studies by American scientists also show that about 40% of children’s depression is related to DNA. If a parent or family member has depression, their child is three times more likely to do the same than other children.

More and more teenagers are suffering from depression.  Photo: Pexels

More and more teenagers are suffering from depression. Image: Pexels

Depression will cause changes in adolescents’ behavior, such as loss of interest in eating or participating in social activities that were previously enjoyed, changes in sleep habits or tendencies.” withdraw” from all aspects of life.

Not stopping there, long-term depression leads to many other consequences and risks related to anxiety disorders, eating disorders, substance abuse, teenage pregnancy, taking risks. sexual risks or even suicide. According to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), on average, about 3,000 adolescents die by suicide every day. In Vietnam, it is estimated that every year tens of thousands of people commit suicide due to depression, twice the number of people who die from traffic accidents.

According to statistics of the World Health Organization (WHO), depression is the second most common disease causing harm to health after heart disease. In Vietnam, about 8%-29% of adolescents are suffering from mental health problems. . However, only about 20% of them receive the necessary medical assistance and treatment.

According to experts, depression can completely be cured quickly if there is observation, listening and connection between parents and children. However, the truth shows that many parents are too busy with work to pay attention and connect with their children. Others have wrong behaviors that lead to more and more negative depression in children. They also lack skills in detecting and healing child depression.

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