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Ethical education for the young generation is an important task

That is the sharing of Mr. Nguyen Trong Nghia, Head of the Central Propaganda Department at the online conference on strengthening education for revolutionary ideals, morality, lifestyle and arousing the aspiration to devote to young people, adolescents and children. Council for the period 2021-2030 will be held on the afternoon of April 28.

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Mr. Nguyen Trong Nghia, Head of the Central Propaganda Department.

Speaking at the bridge point of the Ministry of Education and Training, the Head of the Central Propaganda Department emphasized: “Educating morality and lifestyle for the young generation, including young people, teenagers, pupils and students has always been identified as a particularly important and strategic task of the Party, State and People’s Republic of China. In which, moral education is the foundation, which is expressed through the teaching motto “Tien hoc lit, after learning literature”, “Teaching letters, teaching people, training”. Ho taught teenagers and children: “Love the country, love the compatriots; Study well, work well; Good solidarity, good discipline; Maintain good hygiene; Humble, honest, brave”…”.

Mr. Nguyen Trong Nghia affirmed that taking care of the youth and youth work is the responsibility of the Party and the political system, the whole society and each family. In particular, propaganda work, as one of the key tasks of the Party, continues to maintain its leading role – paving the way in ideological and socio-psychological stability. Propaganda work is work with people, for people, including young people, teenagers and children.

“Education of revolutionary ideals, ethics and lifestyle for youth and children is a long-term, regular and continuous process; it needs to be organized and implemented synchronously, creatively and effectively. from each family and school; the close direction and coordination of departments, ministries, branches, authorities, mass organizations at central and local levels, and the synchronous coordination of forces inside and outside the school. .

And it is the young generation, young people, teenagers, and children who must also try their best to study, work and practice to make progress, cultivate their own dreams and ambitions, forge bravery and will The nation’s self-reliance and noble humanistic tradition, together with the entire Party, people and army, maintain the revolutionary achievements and realize the noble goal: to build our Fatherland to become richer and stronger, and the land to be stronger. Our country is happier and happier, standing shoulder to shoulder with the great powers of the five continents as President Ho Chi Minh always wanted. Mr. Nguyen Trong Nghia said.

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Conference overview.

The head of the Central Propaganda Department suggested that the Party committees and local authorities at all levels focus on carrying out eight key tasks, of which it is important to deploy revolutionary ideals education, with special emphasis on character education. , professional ethics, cultural lifestyle, legal knowledge and civic consciousness for young people, teenagers and children in the coming period.

At the conference, Minister of Education and Training Nguyen Kim Son said that comprehensive education for the young generation in virtue, intelligence, body and beauty is an important goal of Vietnamese education. In the context of building a socialist-oriented market economy and deepening international integration, the younger generation needs more comprehensive education and personality development, to be ethical, conscious and responsible. responsible, capable of performing tasks with a high sense of responsibility in all jobs and becoming a global citizen.

The Ministry of Education and Training has been carrying out a lot of work to achieve that goal, but the Program “Strengthening education for revolutionary ideals, ethics, lifestyle and arousing aspiration for dedication to young people, adolescents, children for the period 2021-2030” is one of the important, focused and comprehensive implementation contents.

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