Exploding emotions with pioneering AR fireworks in Vietnam

Augmented reality technology AR is a popular and increasingly popular trend of 4.0 users. Celebrating 47 years of national reunification, TMRW VN – a young agency from Singapore has pioneered to bring AR fireworks technology to Vietnam. This April 30 celebration, you can watch the fireworks event only with one touch through augmented reality technology. The performance will start at 9:15 p.m. on April 30 and will continue to appear every night after that. With only 1 smartphone, access the link and scan one of two locations: Hanoi Opera House or Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee.

The fireworks series are images that are linked together to represent the story of the country and people of Vietnam. From an agricultural country where rice cultivation is the mainstay for development, through the process of efforts, constant learning and creativity, Vietnam has achieved proud achievements. Not stopping there, society is increasingly modern, the process of urbanization also develops to meet the diverse needs of people. The bustling nightlife or bustling dinner parties help improve life, make each person love life more, love the country and want to join hands to make Vietnam more prosperous. Expressing this desire of Vietnamese people, TMRW VN organizes the AR fireworks event as an affirmation that we can get everything if we try, and TMRW VN is making efforts to develop with Vietnam. develop. The image of the flag appearing at the end of the performance is to honor this.

Exploding emotions with pioneering AR fireworks in Vietnam - Photo 1.

Colorful performance at Hanoi Opera House (Photo: TMRW VN)

The story behind this impressive performance is also the message that TMRW VN wants to convey to young Vietnamese: “Today’s efforts bring tomorrow’s opportunities”. Through a series of images simulating the country and people of Vietnam, TMRW VN conveys the hope of a bright tomorrow, like the name TMRW (Tomorrow) Vietnam, always aiming for good things and opportunities. assembly in front. And like its name, TMRW VN constantly strives, together with Vietnam to rise, strive to achieve good results.

Exploding emotions with pioneering AR fireworks in Vietnam - Photo 2.

Experiencing the Covid-19 storm, AR augmented reality fireworks are a proof that despite many difficulties, Vietnam has always been strong in fighting, not only not giving up but also rising strongly with the challenges. innovation and breakthroughs non-stop. The event AR fireworks appeared in Vietnam marked a new step in technology towards the masses.

Breakthrough TMRW to make a difference

Behind this amazing AR fireworks display is TMRW VN, a talented and creative agency from Singapore. After more than 1 year of operation in Vietnam, the respect for the local culture and the combined staff of Vietnamese and Singaporeans have helped TMRW VN gain more confidence in understanding the cultural identity as well as the country. , Vietnamese people. Besides, with the strength of modern technology development, the support from the head office, TMRW VN wants to bring something special to Vietnam on the occasion of the great national holiday, as a self-introduction. in this young and vibrant market.

By pioneering in bringing AR augmented reality fireworks technology to Vietnam, TMRW VN hopes to create a breakthrough, as a premise to provide and develop new solutions for organizations and businesses.

Exploding emotions with pioneering AR fireworks in Vietnam - Photo 3.

Since its establishment in 2015, with the strength of digital campaigns, focusing on O2O (On-to-Offline) experiences, TMRW has created resounding advertising campaigns in Singapore. Notably, at the beginning of 2022, TMRW was also honored to be selected by BMW Asia as a strategic agency for the next 5 years.

TMRW’s innovative philosophy is tied to efficiency. A successful campaign not only makes a difference, but also contributes to increased sales. By choosing Vietnam as the first destination to expand its operations in Southeast Asia, besides the Philippines and Indonesia, TMRW VN hopes to conquer the Vietnamese market, providing effective marketing solutions. results for businesses by its own creative philosophy.

Agency TMRW VN from Singapore, operates with the motto “Idea-centric; media – neutral”. With its own creative philosophy, since its establishment in 2015, TMRW has grown 8 times, won countless prestigious international awards, and built a list of desirable customers.

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