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Foods that should not be eaten in the evening, lest “carry disaster into the body”-Life health

Saturday, April 30, 2022 19:00 PM (GMT+7)

There are foods that should not be eaten in the evening because they do not bring benefits but also affect health.


Eating cakes in the evening easily makes the body accumulate bad fat, causing weight gain. Moreover, if you use too many cakes, it can lead to insomnia due to excess energy.


Durian is a nutritious fruit, an effective remedy for coughs and skin diseases, but eating a lot of durian is also not good, causing heat in the body, easy to cause pimples.

Foods that should not be eaten in the evening, lest " procession into the body"  - first

Durian is not high in protein and fat, but it is a fruit with high sugar content, ⅔ is sugar. For people with high blood sugar, low blood pressure or high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, eating durian at night should be very cautious. If you want to eat durian, you must reduce the amount of rice in your diet to avoid excessive energy absorption in the evening.

Dragon fruit

Dragon fruit is a fruit that contains many vitamins such as C, B1, B2, B3, microelements such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc. It is considered a good support fruit for weight loss and anti-constipation.

Dragon fruit is also a fruit with high sugar content, so experts recommend not to eat dragon fruit in the evening. In particular, for people with intestinal disorders, diarrhea, should avoid this fruit after dinner.


Avocados have the effect of reducing cholesterol and blood fats, protecting the cardiovascular system, blood vessels and liver, strengthening the stomach, purifying the intestines… This is a very suitable fruit for children and adults. old age, but should only eat one fruit a day. Besides, avocado has a very high vegetable fat content, so it should not be eaten much in the evening.


Eating bananas when it’s good and bad is something few people notice. Bananas if eaten in the evening will lead to the formation of mucus inside the stomach. This is not good at all because too much mucus leads to a condition stomach ulcersheartburn, indigestion.


Chocolate is a mixture made from cocoa, cocoa butter and some other ingredients such as sugar and milk. Eating chocolate in the evening can cause insomnia in some sensitive people, because it contains caffeine and tyrosine. Both of these substances have the ability to stimulate the nervous system, even causing heart palpitations, chest tightness and low mood.

Fatty foods

Foods containing a lot of fat such as french fries, fried chicken, pizza, hamburgers, etc. in general, fast foods will make the body feel full, affecting the digestive process of the stomach. and long-term health.

Spicy food

Eating spicy foods sometimes has health benefits such as preventing colds, reducing pain, preventing bad breath, increasing appetite and assisting in the prevention – treatment of some cancers. However, consuming spicy foods in the evening will also make you sleepless because they increase the temperature, causing heat in the body.

Moreover, spicy food also harms the intestines, easily encounters digestive problems and especially causes stomach ulcers.

Red meat

Red meat is high in protein and fat, so it takes longer for the body to digest than other foods. Therefore, if you want to have a deep sleep, you should avoid eating red meat for dinner, but choose foods that are easier to digest such as white meat, green vegetables, fruits, ….

The coffee

Besides the many benefits that coffee brings, it also has some disadvantages to health, including drinking coffee in the evening. Coffee contains a large amount of caffeine, which has the ability to stimulate the central nervous system, making you more alert and reducing the feeling of drowsiness.

Therefore, if you drink coffee at night, it will make it difficult for you to sleep, even cause high blood pressure, increase blood cholesterol levels, easily make teeth yellow and harm the stomach.

Instead, the best time to drink coffee is in the morning (from 10 to 11:30 am) and in the afternoon (from 1 pm to 5 pm), because at this time, the cortisol level in the body is low, so drinking coffee will make you feel better. more effective.

Acoholic drink

Alcoholic beverages such as wine and beer contain stimulant compounds, which make the body feel sleepy. However, sleep is not deep, often wakes up, even causing headaches and nightmares.

In addition, the use of alcoholic beverages also causes the valves connecting the stomach and esophagus to loosen, leading to Gastroesophageal reflux, making it difficult for you to sleep. It is best to drink in moderation and drink about 4-6 hours before going to bed.

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