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Former Juventus general manager calls Ancelotti a ‘traitor’

ItalyThe once “godfather” Luciano Moggi strongly reacted to the statement of coach Carlo Ancelotti about the famous match-fixing case in Serie A – Calciopoli in 2006.

Ancelotti (centre) and Moggi (right) while working together.

Ancelotti (centre) and Moggi (right) while working together.

“Dear Carlo, your statement makes me think that you have forgotten your time at Juventus and do not realize you are also denouncing yourself,” Moggi told the newspaper. Il Libero after Ancelotti commented that the 2006 Calciopoli case contributed to the clean up of Italian football. “He was part of the ‘dirty football’ that he loved, because it helped him grow as a coach. He was also a part of that football, when Juventus missed the Serie A title under the storm. rain in Perugia he was a part of that football too, when the Italian Football Federation changed the rules a week before the Juventus game against Roma, giving Giallorossi the chance to play against a player from outside the EU, Hidetoshi Nakata, who was previously disqualified, had a decisive say, as he scored the equalizer to help Roma win the title, and he once again finished as runners-up. At that time, he used to come to my office to complain about the injustice suffered by Juventus.”

Ancelotti worked as a coach for Juventus from 1999 to 2001, the period when Moggi held the position of General Director. In these two seasons, “Lao Madam” came in second Series A after Lazio and Roma.

The Calciopoli case broke out in May 2006, when Ancelotti moved to lead AC Milan. Moggi was blamed as the mastermind, when, together with Antonio Giraudo, Juventus’ CEO, created a closed network of players, teams, referees and federation officials to fix scores in a series of matches. matches, mainly matches with Juventus, to manipulate the transfer market.

After the trials, Moggi was banned from football for life and received a five-year prison sentence. AC Milan, Fiorentina and Reggina both had points deducted, and Juventus was stripped of the 2004-2005 Serie A championship and pushed down to Serie B. That was also the only time Juventus had to be relegated to second place.

In 2015, Moggi was acquitted. Juventus once planned to sue the Italian Football Federation, reclaiming the 2005 and 2006 championships and $480 million in compensation for the losses they had to receive from the case. Moggi further commented on Ancelotti: “I don’t understand why he condemns this incident, like traitors using dirty games to develop and then, they denounce just to be good people. Fishing in a barrel is easy and doesn’t cost a dime.”

Ancelotti is about to win La Liga and is competing for the Champions League final ticket for Real.  Photo: Reuters.

Ancelotti is finding success at Real – the team that is about to win La Liga and is competing for tickets to the Champions League final. Image: Reuters.

After a successful 2001-2009 period with AC Milan, Ancellotti continued to reap titles with teams outside of Italy. The 62-year-old coach has won the Premier League with Chelsea, Ligue 1 with PSG, the Champions League with Real and the Bundesliga with Bayern. If you win La Liga This season in his second phase with Real, Ancelotti will be the first coach to win the national championship in Europe’s top five football countries: Italy, England, France, Germany and Spain.

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