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Fun playground for technicians

As part of a series of activities aimed at improving the quality of after-sales services as well as encouraging the inquisitive spirit of employees, the company organized the 18th National Isuzu Skills Competition in 2022, which was just held on June 10, 2020. Last April 27, 2022.

This is an annual contest held by the company nationwide, in order to create conditions for technicians, service advisors & spare parts advisors of the entire Isuzu dealer network to compete to improve their professional and technical skills. customer service capabilities.

The 18th Isuzu Skills Competition 2022 will be held on April 27, 2022 at the Isuzu Vietnam After-Sales Service Center (IAC) – Cu Chi District, City. Ho Chi Minh. Because it was held in person instead of online compared to last year, the contestants participated with more enthusiasm and enthusiasm.

The event had the participation of Isuzu Vietnam Representative, Dealer Board of Directors, especially 88 elite candidates throughout the Isuzu dealer network.

Candidates have gone through 2 different rounds to assess their professional knowledge and problem-solving skills. The content of this year’s exam questions is close to reality, in line with the market situation and customer needs.

In the practice round, candidates have to solve real problems to assess their skill level as well as their ability to handle situations. The theory test assesses the expertise of each position (including individual tests for Service Advisor, Parts Advisor and Technician) by multiple choice, 25 answers each. questions within 60 minutes.

National Isuzu Skills Competition 2022: Interesting playground for technicians - Photo 1.

The prize structure is from 9,000,000 to 15,000,000 VND depending on the prize category, to encourage the spirit of candidates to try their best during the competition.

National Isuzu Skills Competition 2022: Interesting playground for technicians - Photo 2.

Final results for categories include:

Parts consultant category: First prize Doan Van Nguyen Chuong (i-TRUCKS Greenka), second prize Doan Van Hien (i-TRUCKS Nisu) and third prize Thai Minh Trung (i-TRUCKS An Lac).

Service Advisor category: First prize Pham Ngoc Duy (i-TRUCKS Dai Thinh), second prize Pham Thai Nghia (i-TRUCKS An Lac) and third prize Phan Minh Nhat (i-TRUCKS Yunnan).

Technician category: First prize Nguyen Tan Quang (i-TRUCKS Van Nam), second prize Nguyen Thanh Lam (i-TRUCKS An Lac) and third prize Nguyen Anh Quan (i-TRUCKS Nisu).

Mini Gameshow category: First prize Dang Thanh Huy (D-SQUARE Nam Binh), second prize Nguyen Binh Trong (i-TRUCKS Thien Hoa An) and third prize Bui Ngoc An (i-TRUCKS Dai Thinh).

Team Prize Category: First prize of i-TRUCKS Yunnan team, second prize of i-TRUCKS An Lac team and third prize of i-TRUCKS Tan Phat team.

National Isuzu Skills Competition 2022: Interesting playground for technicians - Photo 3.

The contest promoted the sustainable development values ​​of Isuzu Vietnam with its pioneering position and the foundation of 15 years of experience in repairing and maintaining Common Rail engines. Since then, Isuzu is not only committed to ensuring product quality, but customers who buy Isuzu cars will always have a long-term peace of mind with professional and dedicated after-sales service – genuine spare parts.

National Isuzu Skills Competition 2022: Interesting playground for technicians - Photo 4.

Isuzu is a leading enterprise in the Japanese automobile manufacturing industry with a history of development of more than 100 years. Through more than 25 years of development in the Vietnamese market, Isuzu has brought a variety of product lines from light – medium – heavy trucks, tractors, special-purpose vehicles to pickup trucks, 7-seater vehicles with features superiority.

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