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HAU students reap many awards at the Architecture Festival

Within the framework of activities of the 13th National Architecture Student Festival taking place in Ho Chi Minh City. Tuy Hoa (Phu Yen province), students from 24 universities across the country have created many unique architectural models. The models all show the combination of traditional and contemporary architecture and are made with environmentally friendly materials as the theme “AYARU Heritage Journey – Phu Yen”.

Here, 25 awards were given to individuals and groups from Hanoi University of Architecture (HAU) with excellent achievements and many unique ideas through the Logo Design, Painting and Drawing contests. mural, Space art installation, Quick design, sketch, photography.

With the motto “HAU – sparking creativity”, the students and lecturers made a strong impression on the contest organizers. In the Logo Design competition, “team” HAU received both 1st prize and 2 third prizes. The first prize in the Design of the Installation Competition is highly appreciated for its creative ideas, unique architectural forms and flexible prefabricated structures. First prize for photography, both with new perspectives and ideas. The first prize for a personal sketch with a liberal but very unique drawing.

Tran Dao Quang Huy, a student in class 17K2 of the Faculty of Architecture, Hanoi University of Architecture, is the representative of the Installation Art Space design group (competition category between schools) winning the first prize and a member of the mural group. 04 – won the second prize – brought to the Festival highly practical models that can be applied and built in the space of coastal cities.

HAU students have won prizes at the Architecture Festival - Photo 1.

Group of students from Hanoi University of Architecture

Quang Huy shared: “Although identifying the spirit as an opportunity to rub and learn, but with the enthusiasm and spirit of young architecture students, everyone is very eager and pours their heart into the lesson. Competitions and performances, especially collective competitions such as groups and school unions.Achieving such high achievements is a great source of encouragement for each of our members, as well as an opportunity for us. It’s a great opportunity for us to promote the image of HAU students.”

The 13th National Architecture Student Festival with the theme “Ayaru Heritage Journey – Phu Yen”, the program contents emphasize the message: Architectural and urban heritage is a large-scale cultural heritage. of all the heritages that man has built in the evolutionary history of mankind. The association of heritage with urban development not only enhances the value of urban areas but also brings benefits to the local economy, contributing to preserving and promoting the value of heritage sites.

HAU students have won prizes at the Architecture Festival - Photo 2.

HAU’s Crown of Light won the first prize in the Installation Art Space Design competition

According to Chairman of Phu Yen Provincial People’s Committee Tran Huu The, the architectural models presented at the Festival contribute to Phu Yen province more ideas in creating urban landscape and architecture. This is also the premise for cooperation projects between Phu Yen province and the Vietnam Association of Architects so that construction and economic development are associated with local heritage conservation.

As for Tran Dao Quang Huy, he said that the experience of these competitions has given him a lot of new perspectives on the process of coastal urban development, especially cities with historical features. as special as Tuy Hoa. In particular, the vision and influence of young architects play an extremely important role in establishing solid foundations for a sustainable city in the future, connecting heritage values. local with cultural and social development.

After the competition, the students gained a lot of knowledge and new perspectives through interacting with teachers and friends from all over the country. “One of the perspectives on the development of a coastal city that I find quite interesting is the innovative development of the infrastructure system, but still should keep the characteristics of the culture and heritage of the sea, taking the cultural heritage of the sea. The heritage here is not only the architectural works but also the lifestyles of the people in the fishing villages, which have existed for a long time. Therefore, in order to develop a coastal city without losing its own characteristics, we still need to take culture and heritage as the root.” This is shared by Ta Nguyen Dan Thu, class 17K7 of the Faculty of Architecture – the owner of the first prize in individual photography and the first prize in group photography.

HAU students have won prizes at the Architecture Festival - Photo 3.

“Vocational shadow” by author Ta Nguyen Dan Thu (HAU) excellently won the first prize in the category of individual photography.

Architecture Students Festival 2022 has closed with excitement and memorable memories of architecture teachers and students across the country.

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