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If you want to stay, you have to stay at a local house, you have to queue to eat seafood

Recorded today (April 30), after visiting Ha Long Bay in the morning, tourists flocked to restaurants in Bai Chay to have lunch.

Due to the large number of customers, restaurants have to mobilize relatives to help, each restaurant has up to 3 people on duty to greet customers.

At noon, visitors pull back to Bai Chay tourist area to rest and eat

At the food street and Vuon Dao street, Ha Long city, each convoy of cars and trams stopped to drop off customers in front of the restaurant. Busy people coming in and out to enjoy seafood, although this time seafood prices have increased. To serve enough for visitors, each restaurant from yesterday has imported 3 times more seafood than usual.

From the passing convoy, there will be people from the restaurant standing on the street to greet them

“All staff and restaurant owners from the morning hustle to serve customers, after noon we still can’t eat, after 2 years, today is the first time my restaurant is so crowded”, Ms. Nguyen Duong (owner of the restaurant). Hai Duong restaurant on Vuon Dao street) said.

Currently, all hotel rooms in Ha Long are full, many tourists who come to Ha Long but have not made a reservation in advance have to choose the option of staying at a homestay during their travel in Ha Long.

In front of each restaurant, there will be a pool of fresh seafood for visitors to choose from

Some pictures of tourists eating and drinking at restaurants in Ha Long today:

Bai Chay tourist area is crowded with vehicles and tourists at noon
Seafood is the main menu of restaurants in Ha Long
After visiting Ha Long Bay, the next destination for visitors is fresh seafood restaurants
A restaurant in Ha Long is full at noon
Although there are more tables and chairs, the seafood restaurant in Ha Long still has no space
Most tourists come with their families, so the dining table is put together to make it larger
Serving the restaurant is tired of carrying things and clearing tables for guests
During the holiday of April 30, the amount of seafood imported is 3 times higher than normal days
Oysters are not cleaned in time to sell to customers
Crab is the fastest item at each restaurant
Ha Long streets are crowded since morning when vehicles from other localities arrive

Pham Cong

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The salary of 2 million/day still can’t hire staff to run the cruise shipAt the tourist center of Ha Long (Quang Ninh), restaurants and hotels on the shore lack chefs and waiters; Undersea cruise ships lack of staff is a current situation causing many businesses headaches.
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