Karma comes from the mouth, you must learn to keep your mouth shut

There is a story in the parable about Jewish wisdom:

A priest sent his servants to the market to buy the most expensive and cheapest there.

After a while, the servant brought a tongue.

The pastor was very confused and asked: What does this mean?

The servant replied, “The tongue, if used well, is of great value; misused is the end of cheapness.”

Those who know how to speak will make people feel like welcoming the spring breeze, while those who do not speak will make others feel extremely troublesome, and may even lead to disaster.

Controlling the mouth is the most difficult cultivation practice for a person.

first. Keep your mouth shut, is a kind of benevolence

Language can sometimes hurt people more than violence.

The story goes that in a school in a small village, there is always only one teacher.

Recently a new teacher moved in, he is very knowledgeable and always helps people. The villagers all loved him very much, and gradually turned cold towards the old teacher.

The old teacher became more and more annoyed, in anger he sat and complained to his wife: “No one knows where this new guy comes from!”

The next day, the wife came back and told the neighbors: “I heard that you have done a lot of bad things.”

After that, the neighbor went to tell their neighbor: “I heard that the new teacher once raped the daughter of a good family…”.

Just like that, the rumor of adding salt and pepper spread far and wide, eventually turning the new teacher into a wanted criminal for rape.

The new teacher had no choice but to leave.

At this point, the person who spread the rumor felt a pang of conscience and decided to apologize.

Only seeing the teacher did he uproot a dandelion from the ground, blow hard, hundreds of seeds scattered in the wind, and say:

“If you can get these seeds back, I will forgive you.”

The mouth is a knife, and the tongue is a killer.

Sometimes, your seemingly unintentional words can become an obsession, a deep wound that can never be erased in the hearts of others.

Controlling one’s own mouth, not slandering others, not saying yes, changing white for black, that is the greatest kindness.

There is a story like this:

In an interview, a girl after becoming famous sent a special thanks to her classmates that year for her “silent” kindness.

It turned out that the girl’s father was a security guard, at that time when she was still in high school, because she was young and naive, she always felt self-conscious about her father, so she lied to her classmates that her father did it. job in the bank.

In fact, everyone knows the truth already.

But no one exposed her lies, instead choosing to protect this secret and protect her self-esteem.

People’s mouth can save people can also kill people, born as a human, please live kindly.

99% of all human problems come from words: Karma comes from the mouth, you must learn to keep your mouth shut - Photo 1.

2. Keep your mouth shut, it’s a type cultivation

Director Khyentse Norbu once said:

Most of the time, the so-called frankness just doesn’t want to waste time and mind thinking about the other person’s feelings.

Honesty is never real life, but uneducated selfishness.

Not long ago, at the 94th Academy Awards ceremony took place an unprecedented scene in history.

The presenter was slapped on the spot by award-winning guest Will Smith.

The reason is that the presenter joked about touching the actor’s wife and her hairless head. His joke was based on Will Smith’s wife Jada’s pain, she had to shave her head because of hair loss, the joke was not sympathetic at all.

Will Smith, who was eager to protect his wife, naturally couldn’t stand it, so the opening scene created such turbulence.

There is a great saying: “When a joke is built on someone else’s wound, it is no longer a joke, but a pinch of salt.”

All ridicule dressed as “joke” is essentially hurtful malice

The real talker, it’s not how wonderfully and witty you speak, but your ability to weigh the other person’s feelings with your words to make everyone feel at ease.

In history, there is an anecdote about a woman of complete talent in the Republic of China, Yang Giang, who refused a man’s marriage proposal in a very delicate and flexible way.

After her husband Tien Chung Thu died, Phi Hieu Thong, who had always admired Duong Giang, came to visit.

After visiting, because the way to the lower floor was a bit narrow and Phi Hieu Thong didn’t want to leave, he looked back after a while, so it was very difficult to walk.

At this time, Duong Giang said: Stairs are not easy to go, in the future you should not “know how difficult it is to still try to move forward” like that.

This is a play on words, not only expressing your own attitude but also caring about the other person’s feelings.

Duong Giang often said: Listening requires technique, speaking requires careful choice of words.

The real way to cultivate yourself is to speak in moderation, and especially when you express your sincere heart, you also need to pay attention to save face and escape for others.

99% of all human problems come from words: Karma comes from the mouth, you must learn to keep your mouth shut - Photo 2.

3. Keep your mouth shut, it’s a kind intellect

From time immemorial, many people and many things have become evil from their mouths.

In the late Tang Dynasty, Liu Yuxi, who in his youth had achieved many achievements, was demoted to the frontier because of the “incident of two kings and eight Sima”.

Ten years later, he was fortunate to be respected by the court, and on the way back to Beijing, he was extremely emotional and happy.

And in his excitement, he exported poetry to mock the emperor’s ignorance and the wickedness of the upstart nobles.

However, within a few days, his words were transmitted to the emperor’s ears by the bad guys, causing the emperor to become angry.

As a result, the position was still not hot, was demoted again, this time was sent to a more distant Lien Chau.

Guan Zhong has a saying: If you don’t speak carefully, you will hurt yourself otherwise.

Speaking without thinking, blurting out, will only be listened to by people with a good heart, and then become a handle that others grab, thereby bringing disaster to the body.

Lao Tzu also once said: “The more you talk, the more miserable you are, not as good as keeping your composure.”

The more you say the more words, the more trouble you will get yourself, it is better to choose silence, keep the words in your heart.

The more intelligent you are, the more you know how to keep your mouth shut.

One day, Vuong Hi Chi’s three sons, Vuong Huy Chi, Vuong Thao Chi and Vuong Hien Chi went together to visit General Ta An.

During the party, Vuong Huy Chi and Vuong Thao Chi talked eloquently, while Vuong Hien Chi only exchanged a few words and then fell silent.

After the three of them left, the guests present asked the general: “In the future, who are the most promising of these three sages?”.

Ta An said: “The youngest brother.”

The curious visitor asked, “How do you know that?”

Ta An said full of meaning: “Wise people talk less, hot-tempered people talk a lot.”

People who talk a lot are often impatient and can’t do anything, and people who know how to keep their mouths shut are even more blessed.

Only when we are not in a hurry, carefully sifting through and weighing all the information we receive, can we see the situation and make the right decisions. giu-mom-giu-mieng-20220429160213807.chn

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