Le Roi, Thong Soai Ca went to the fair, the Department of Culture got involved

The Ministry of Culture does not issue a license to perform for “Tung Son” or “Princess Thuy Te”; The organizers are also not licensed.

Until now, fair organizers invite and hunt for online phenomena as a trick to entice audiences is no longer a strange thing.

Even though they don’t have outstanding artistic talent, with the charm of social networks, names like Wise MenLe Roi, Tung Son… still receive many invitations to participate in fairs in the provinces, perform at bars…

Thong Soai Ca is a TikToker of modest height, often wearing elegant necklaces… and has many “shocking” statements. Video TikTok The most impressive thing about Thong Soai Ca is the brand saying “others are afraid to flirt with you, because I’m bored of you” with more than 36 million views, comments and shares.

Because of being known by many people, Thong Soai Ca received invitations from many event organizers.

Not long ago, on social networks, an image of an event poster with the participation of TikToker Thong Soai Ca was spread along with famous artists such as Long Nhat, DJ Mie, Lam Chan Huy, Du Thien… many people are surprised.

Appearing at the event, Thoi Soai Ca wore a black outfit with neatly dyed hair. When he stepped on the stage, he confidently sang, acrobatic and stirred up the atmosphere of the night.

Le Roi, Thong Soai Ca go to the fair, the Department of Culture gets involved-1
Thong Soai Ca appeared on the event poster next to many famous names

Le Roi, Thong Soai Ca went to the fair, the Department of Culture got involved-2
He appeared in the show

Besides some enthusiastic audience cheering for Thong Soai Ca’s performance, there were many mixed opinions about the appearance of male TikToker on stage: “Of course it’s nothing good, but let’s see them as a funny entertainer, not doing anything offensive that affects young people”;

“I don’t understand why Thoi Soai Ca appeared on the stage. To have fun on social networks, it’s fine, but to be a person with a show to go on and have an audience, you need to watch it again”, ” The audience is gradually becoming more lenient”,…

Le Roi, Thong Soai Ca go to the fair, the Department of Culture gets involved-3
Male TikToker performing acrobatics, dancing on stage

Before Thong Soai Ca, Le Roi was also a name that caused a stir in social networks for a long time because of covers with slightly lisp, wrong rhythm, out of tone…

Receiving the attention of netizens, Le Roi was invited to perform at venues with 8-digit salary for a show.

Le Roi, Thong Soai Ca go to the fair, the Department of Culture gets involved-4
Le Roi was invited to perform

Le Roi, Thong Soai Ca attend fairs, Department of Culture participates-5
Le Roi in the comedy Tet “Quick Wedding”

Back in 2016, Cry He was also invited to act in a Tet comedy film Get Married Quickly Or You’ll Hurt 2 with famous actors such as Quang Teo, Tra My, Chien Thang… Since then, many people have expressed their curiosity whether he intends to encroach on acting and professional art activities.

However, the guy born in 1987 said: “I took part in a small role in the movie ‘Quickly Marry A Loot 2’ because I love acting so much and often come to watch the film crew. I can play skits, comedies or movies, etc. If there is a suitable role, I will participate.”

However, because of her lack of artistic talent, Le Roi’s popularity did not last long. He gradually fell out of favor and was overshadowed by other internet phenomena.

Le Roi, Thong Soai Ca go to the fair, the Department of Culture participates-6
Tung Son was surrounded by many people asking to take a photo with him

“Princess of Water Qi” Tung Son was also a network phenomenon that received much attention because of his impressive appearance. When famous, Tung Son was invited to perform at the fair and revealed that he could earn 30 million VND/night.

However, the fact that Tung Son appeared on the poster with other stars, standing and singing on the stage encountered fierce controversy from the audience because his performance was not artistic, there were offensive dance moves. .

Not only the audience, some artists also spoke out about the organizers being too lenient when accepting online phenomena as a trick to attract the attention of the media and viewers.

In particular, a fair organizer was issued a record by the Department of Culture, Tourism and Sports of Hai Duong province to suspend the performance and file a sanction with Tung Son’s case.

The Department said that the Ministry of Culture did not grant a license to anyone with the name “Tung Son” or “Princess Thuy Te”, moreover the event organizer was not granted a license to organize the performance.

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