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Long An’s mother was 27 weeks pregnant with elephant legs, subjectively did not go to the doctor, the end almost lost her baby

During that time pregnant, the phenomenon of swelling of the limbs or face is quite common due to the mother’s body retaining water and increased blood flow. However, sometimes leg swelling is also a sign of dangerous diseases or complications, so mothers need to pay attention and go to the doctor to ensure safety, to avoid cases like the mother below.

On April 28, doctors at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City said they had just saved the life of a pregnant woman (37 years old, living in Long An) suffering from heart failure and pulmonary hypertension. Previously, a pregnant woman with ASD in the 27th week of pregnancy was admitted to the hospital with shortness of breath, leg edema, and decreased oxygen in the blood.

Ms. K. said her health was completely normal, she monitored her health at the local hospital and did not detect any cardiovascular disease. Symptoms of dyspnea, leg swelling appeared about 2 weeks before admission. This is the first pregnancy, she and her family thought that these symptoms were common in pregnancy, so they subjectively did not go to the doctor, only went to the hospital to check when it was worse.

Long An's mother, 27 weeks pregnant, was amp; # 34; elephant legs amp; # 34;, subjectively did not go to the doctor, the end almost lost her child - 1

Ms. K. said that leg swelling is a common phenomenon during pregnancy, so she did not go to the doctor. (Illustration)

Echocardiographic results showed that pregnant women with pulmonary hypertension, severe heart failure, at risk of death if not actively treated, may have to terminate the pregnancy to save the mother’s life. Before the family’s desire to keep the fetus, the doctors had interdisciplinary consultations to find the optimal solution for both mother and baby.

After the consultation, the mother was transferred to the Department of Cardiology for medical treatment, then transferred to the Cardiovascular Surgery Resuscitation Unit with full facilities to monitor the mother’s condition and cesarean section. Here, pregnant women with severe progress must lie in bed and be encouraged by doctors, monitoring every movement of the fetus to help her raise the baby until the baby is born with the least risk.

With the rhythmic inter-specialty coordination of the doctors and the good response of the mother to treatment, after more than 30 days of active treatment, up to the 31st week of pregnancy, the woman was successfully cesarean section. A baby boy weighing 1.4 kg was born and was taken to the Neonatal Department for care. After cesarean section, the woman continued to have her complications of heart failure and kidney failure controlled effectively and was discharged from the hospital in stable condition. The baby was cared for in the Neonatal Department for 3 more weeks before discharge.

Up to now, Ms. K. and the baby are healthy. Currently, Ms. K. continues to receive regular check-ups to improve symptoms and improve quality of life.

Long An's mother, 27 weeks pregnant, was amp;#34;leaf elephantamp;#34;, subjectively did not go to the doctor, the end almost lost her child - 3

Ms. K. was happy when she passed the critical condition and picked up her baby from the Neonatal Department.

Ms. K. excitedly shared: “My husband and I were married for 6 years before we had children. I was seriously ill and didn’t know it. Fortunately, the doctors took good care of him and tried to keep the baby and treat him through the critical situation. I hope that women should be screened carefully before becoming pregnant, so they don’t fall into a dangerous situation like my mother and child.”

Dr. Dr. Tran Nhat Thang, Head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Medicine and Pharmacy, recommended that women of reproductive age should have their health checked before becoming pregnant and in the first months of pregnancy. In case of detecting underlying diseases, pregnant women need to have an interdisciplinary coordination plan from the very beginning and throughout the pregnancy to ensure the safety of both mother and baby. As soon as there are abnormal signs, pregnant women should be examined, detected and promptly treated for diseases, avoiding severe progression like Ms. K. just now.

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