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Massive explosion kills more than 50 people at mosque in Afghanistan

Huge explosion kills more than 50 people at a mosque in Afghanistan - Photo 1.

Men run from the area near the site of an explosion at the Khalifa Sahib mosque in Kabul, Afghanistan on April 29. – Photo: REUTERS

According to Reuters news agency, the explosion occurred at the Khalifa Sahib church in western Kabul on April 29 as Sunni worshipers gathered for Friday prayers.

The head of the Khalifa Sahib church, Sayed Fazil Agha, said a suicide bomber had joined the worshipers in prayer. “Black smoke rose and spread, bodies were everywhere,” Agha said.

Mr. Agha said that although he was lucky to have survived, his nephews were among those killed in the bombing.

Meanwhile, resident Mohammad Sabir said he saw many injured people being loaded into ambulances. “The explosion was so big, I thought I had punctured my eardrum,” Sabir added.

Afghan officials say the number of confirmed deaths so far is 10. Meanwhile, Reuters quoted medical sources as saying that hospitals in Kabul had received 66 bodies and 78 wounded.

The United States and the United Nations mission in Afghanistan condemned the attack, saying at least two UN staff members and their families were in the church at the time of the attack.

Taliban government spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid issued a statement condemning the blast, saying the government would find and punish the perpetrators.

It is not yet clear who is responsible for the attack.

According to Reuters, there have been a series of attacks against Afghan civilians in recent weeks. The self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS) terrorist organization has claimed responsibility for some of these incidents.

In April alone, the Emergency Hospital treated more than 100 patients injured from the Kabul attacks.

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