More LPL “talented and talented” couples openly dating

Accompanied by glamour, LPL It is also full of noise and discord. In which, the private life of gamers is always dissected. Or rather, the fans are very harsh with the Chinese League of Legends star’s last name. For them, it is difficult for anyone to stand side by side with their idols. Not to mention, love will affect performance and concentration when playing.

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Kris and Mao Mao openly together

Not only that, this excessive interest also spread to the LPL pink balls. The standard set is still that the other half must be on the same level as the female MC, caster. Up to now, not many couples boldly declare their love. Pressure and criticism from public opinion can cause a relationship to fall apart.

However, recently, the beautiful female BLV member Kris innocently declared her sovereignty to male caster Mao Mao. She posted photos of the two with a public status on Weibo. Not only that, Kris also confirmed to live in the same house with her boyfriend. In a video posted later, the female caster sings and dances. As for Mao Mao, he was playing a game.

Currently, like many others, the couple is isolated from the outside world because of the Covid-19 epidemic in Shanghai. But Kris and Mao Mao are still very happy because they have each other by their side. In addition, the south caster, he has not yet admitted. However, on his personal Weibo, Mao Mao clearly shows his affection for his beautiful girlfriend.

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Kris is a beautiful female caster of LPL

Kris and Mao Mao are currently both active in the Chinese League of Legends world. Female caster mainly works on the LEC side. She is considered as one of the beautiful and potential commentators with the Esports world in the country of billions of people.

About Mao Mao, he is the BLV of the LCK and the LEC. The male caster has a rather dashing, bright appearance. Professionally, he is difficult compared to veteran names. But Mao Mao also has his own style.

Currently, both are receiving support from fans and Chinese media. Importantly, all hope the duo looks at each other trying to build a solid career in the LPL.

Before Mao Mao, Kris, in the world of LoL in China, was not short of a couple of colleagues who loved each other. Du Suong and Quan Trach Nguyen are typical examples. She is beautiful, talented, and he is equally excellent. Going forward, the LPL community is looking forward to their wedding.

More talented couples of LPL are openly dating - Photo 4.

Mao Mao has a dashing look that suits Kris

Besides, the couple Vuong Ky Dac and Lac Ham are also very popular. And yet, Tieu Ngoc and Rookie are a golden couple with LoL in China. One is an MC, the other is the most famous gamer.

Currently, Kris and Mao Mao are the only caster couple of the LPL. After all, every love story is expected to have a happy ending.

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